July 24, 2024

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Audio Content and PR Campaigns

The increased popularity of social audio platforms such as Clubhouse and new audio features on other platforms such as Twitter or even podcasts on Spotify and Apple Music have all provided already established influencers with more channels to reach their followers.

However, in a number of cases, this effect has also resulted in the creation of a brand new wave of influencers and different PR campaigns.

Although the most popular content creators and influencers these days tend to stick to image-based or video-based platforms like Instagram or TikTok and tend to be younger, not all of the audio content creators fit that demographic .

Some of the content creators that have the largest number of followers on Clubhouse, for example, are the founders themselves, Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson; the tech investor Marc Andreessen, and others.

Although social audio is a relatively new form of content creation, the number of content creators in this field is rapidly growing, and  companies can also capitalize on PR opportunities by partnering and creating campaigns with influential voices.

Just a couple of decades ago, the idea that everyday people could easily and regularly communicate with their favorite celebrities was unimaginable, but social media platforms have made that possible.

These days, it’s perfectly normal for celebrities and their fans to interact on a daily basis, which is why many of the biggest platforms, including those in the audio content sector, are trying to persuade more people to join their platforms and connect with their audiences.

Additionally, places like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces also give these influencers a place where they’re able to freely express their thoughts and opinions, which adds an additional layer of authenticity that’s not available on the other social media platforms. As a result, a large number of people tend to trust audio influencers and content creators compared to other platforms.

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One of the biggest benefits of audio content is that it’s portable, which means consumers can listen to the content whether they’re at the gym, shopping, cooking, traveling, or even working.

This is a unique benefit to audio content that’s made it so popular, especially with busy audiences that have to juggle multiple tasks and demands throughout their busy days. Audio content is what allows these busy people to connect with listeners at any time they want.

A company’s success in audio content is largely going to depend on that company’s ability to identify and collaborate with influencers that cover relevant topics or get guests that appeal to the target audience. Companies should also be looking to find audio influencers that can convey their marketing messages with authenticity and authority, to be able to influence the consumers’ feelings and perceptions of those brands.

The influencers that have large followings on image or video-based platforms largely rely on their appearance to capture the attention of their audience, which is why their influence is driven by physical beauty trends.

However, when it comes to audio-based platforms, other influencers can create thought leadership and new perspectives on different topics regardless of their appearance.

That’s why influencers in the audio content industry have to rely on what they know, which provides real authority and credibility, levelling  the social media field.

Additionally, with thousands of available podcasts across practically every subject under the sun, companies can also work with podcasters on PR campaigns to attract niche audiences that are already engaged.

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