June 14, 2024

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Achieving Better Results With Ads on Twitter

Companies that want to get better results from their ads on Twitter should learn about the recent changes that the platform has made to help businesses get those results.

Since last year, Twitter has been slowly rolling out significant changes to the ad platform, including the objectives and creative workflow of the platform.

Any company that’s been advertising on Twitter for a long time has already become accustomed to creating cards for promoting websites or apps.

However, Twitter recently made a change to the cards library, which prompts users with a notification that they should be using the Twitter Composer instead.

Back in April 2021, the platform officially started phasing out the app and website cards and replacing them with video and image ads for app installs or website traffic campaigns.

While users can still create new cards, edit existing ones, and publish promoted tweets using the feature, the platform is still changing, and this feature might not be available for much longer.

The new feature, Tweet Composer, has made the creative process a lot simpler by providing users with one interface where they can create video and image ads for their app or website.

From the composer, companies can write headlines, upload media, and compose tweets, as well as choose calls to action.

They’re also able to use Twitter Composer to create video and image ads in advance, and the new feature has managed to streamline the campaign setup process for businesses.

Website Traffic Campaigns

Instead of focusing on conversions and website clicks, this year, Twitter changed its objective to improving  website traffic campaigns. The feature’s rollout started by changing the name of the update, to reflect how the campaign type has shifted, as well as what companies can expect to get from using it.

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Put simply, this change in goals is aimed to drive more website traffic instead of simply focusing on getting more consumers to complete conversions.

Nevertheless, companies can still optimize their campaigns for conversion when using the website traffic objective.

All they need to do is choose conversions at the group level, from the Goals drop-down menu, to optimize for the goal they’re looking for. To set this up, companies also need to select a conversion event from the drop-down menu.

These changes from the Twitter ads platform can help companies create more effective campaigns, whether they want to get more app installs or generate more website traffic.

Additionally, with the platform’s updated measurement and tracking tools for advertising purposes, businesses can also get more detailed insights that will help them measure the performance of their campaigns and create better ads

Marketing and NFTs

Companies that aren’t sure how they can promote their NFTs have to keep several things in mind. One of the most obvious reasons that businesses get into the digital collectible space is to simply create a new stream of revenue. Even companies that are planning on giving away their collectibles for free are still able to take advantage of the secondary marketplace where NFT owners can resell the collectibles , which again, generates revenue.

Aside from that, companies benefit from exposure to a brand new audience when they get into the NFT space, which is one thing that many businesses are trying to do.

However, the space of digital collectibles is still relatively new and not everyone has joined in. While NFTs are providing many companies with a new way to connect with their audiences, many consumers still are wary of the new trend.

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The first thing that companies have to do before getting into the NFT space is learn about the financial side and the business side of the investments involved in NFT marketing. In many different ways, launching a digital collectible is similar to launching a new business, which means there are many ways where it can go wrong, or completely fail.

Aside from companies learning about the space, they also have to educate their audiences about NFTs.

Consumers need to know how companies are going to be integrating NFTs into their services and communities. They need to know what they can do with the collectibles. Plenty of audiences need to learn and become familiar with what a digital wallet is, how to set one up, and how to keep their funds secure once they’ve set up their wallets.


One of the biggest things that companies can benefit from in terms of NFTs is getting another opportunity to build up a community within the target audience.

Most of the people in the NFT community right now can be found on Twitter or Discord.

Additionally, most of the members of those communities tend to work anonymously, which means they don’t use their real names, photos, or public branding, which is completely different from other social media platforms like Facebook, or Instagram.

That means companies have to learn to get used to the new space and learn how to communicate with their target audience more effectively through conversation, instead of by using pictures.

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