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House Facing Serious PR Pushback on Health Care Bill

House Facing Serious PR Pushback on Health Care Bill

These days, politicians never stop campaigning. They can’t, really. With round the clock news coverage noting every single vote, idea or soundbite, elected officials must always be cognizant of public opinion at all times. Likely the last time they looked away even for a second was leading up to the 2010 election when a number of incumbents were beaten by ... Read More »

Dairy Wars Coming to Food Industry

Dairy Wars Coming to Food Industry

Go to the dairy section in any grocery store and most convenience stores and what do you see? Rows of milk, cottage cheese, butter, yogurt and … soy or rice? Yep. “Alternative” milk is taking over facing space in the dairy aisle, and some within the industry are not having it. They say “fake” milk is being intentionally mislabeled as ... Read More »

$4 Smart Phone Promiser Arrested

$4 Smart Phone Promiser Arrested

Was it really too good to be true, or is there some other reason the man behind the “four-dollar smartphone” might be headed to prison? That’s the main question courts will have to answer now that authorities have arrested Mohit Goel, the director of Indian phone manufacturer Ringing Bells. Read More »

Can these glasses really help the blind see?

Can these glasses really help the blind see?

Star Trek is known for “predicting” modern technology. Everything from touch screens, to Facetime to smartphones were all being used on the groundbreaking sci-fi program in the 60s. Now, we use them in real life every day. So, it’s really no surprise that Star Trek predicted another amazing scientific breakthrough. Remember the “glasses” Levar Burton’s character wore in Star Trek: ... Read More »

Samsung Chief Arrested But Will It Matter?

Samsung Chief Arrested But Will It Matter

The Korean government shocked the tech world last week by arresting the son of the country’s wealthiest family, who also happens to be the leader of Samsung. The charges alleged include a corruption scandal that has ties to the highest political office. As with all scandals including the powerful and the famous, the country was glued to their TVs and ... Read More »

Can Under Armour Pull Out of Freefall?

Can Under Armour pull out of freefall?

Not long ago, Under Armour brand was the darling of the sports retail market. The company was making a major push against industry behemoths Nike and Reebok, by winning major celebrity endorsements and grabbing market share across multiple market segments. Based on the performances of those top tier celebrity endorsements, Under Armour should be riding a wave of unprecedented success. ... Read More »

The PR Power of YouTube

The PR Power of YouTube

For those YouTubers who’ve figured out their approach to success on that platform, they create content in touch with their groups, often more than one “genre.” It could be toys, video gaming, health and fitness, or pop culture. Some of them have established very large followings, which gives them some PR power and pull. Read More »

Marketing to Moms with Tots

Marketing to Moms with Tots

Marketing to parents is a wide-open field, but you’ve got to have something that will both catch the eye of the parents as well as the tots. Make it something that will look good in pictures as well as in words and you could have a big seller. But one thing is certain: if you create products for children that ... Read More »

Public Relations Campaigns Should Use Social Listening

Public Relations Campaigns Should Use Social Listening

A public relations agency is responsible for a tremendous amount, from competitor analysis and tracking ROI to media relations, while keeping their clients happy. A PR Agency needs a social listening tool to keep track of all these responsibilities. This tool allows the PR Firm to monitor its clients’ industries to forecast product trends or brand reputation along with other ... Read More »

Why Writing Is Important for PR Professionals

Writing Public Relations

Many college PR and communications degrees have started to de-emphasize upper-level writing skills in favor of ethics and strategic thinking. Those are good areas to add to the courses, but passing on the writing courses regarding a profession that is still very oriented to the written word is a mistake. Here are some of the reasons a PR professional still ... Read More »

How to Win at Building a Brand

How to Win at Building a Brand

Before building a brand, understand what it really is. It includes many things like logos, mission statements, and the like. But those are tools associated with the branding process. A brand is, in its most essential form, about what a company represents. Answering that question makes the rest of the process about building a winning brand so much easier. Read More »

Hospitality PR — How PR Helps Increase Star Ratings

Officially stars or diamonds for hotels and restaurant ratings come from only a handful of agencies. The star system was first implemented by the Forbes Travel Guide (originally the Mobil Travel Guide) in 1958. AAA uses a different system of diamonds. The higher your star/diamond, the better these publications consider your establishment. Businesses are evaluated based on service, product, and ... Read More »

Social Media Marketing And Doing It Better

social media 5wpr

Effective PR on social media is a moving target. As consumers spend more time on the internet, PR needs to develop new strategies and use subtler approaches. Here are some of the things that need to change for most who do social media PR and advertising to improve their approach and results. Number of Followers No matter what platform is ... Read More »

Time and Research Makes All the Difference in PR Results

For subject matter experts (SME) there are many opportunities to get positive PR for an organization or individuals. For those who have worked in a particular industry for several years, their expertise can bring publicity and attention to a cause, brand, or corporation. But it’s not always as simple as writing an article or making a comment to a reporter ... Read More »

Best Times to Post on Instagram

instagram time to post

As with any aspect of business, when you conduct certain activities often determines the success of it. For instance, most businesses know the best time to open a business is around 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., and that the best time to serve lunch is at noon. So when it comes to social media, which is also an important part ... Read More »

Using Short Videos for Brand Marketing

pr for e-commerce

Without ever getting into YouTube, you can do short videos on several social media sites. On Vine, they last six seconds, Instagram they are 15 seconds, and on Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook the videos can be as long as 2-3 minutes. Once videos are created, they can also be pinned on Pinterest. You don’t need expensive camera equipment, though it ... Read More »

Social Media PR: Martha Stewart On Facebook Live

martha stewart public relations

Facebook has added live streaming as an option making it easier and cheaper to produce content – whether it is for branding and commercial purposes, sharing a big announcement with friends and family, or something yet to be discovered. Facebook Live is one more way FB offers for them to remain relevant and current. Martha Steward Facebook Queen? Martha Stewart ... Read More »

3 Examples of Savvy Companies working with China

chinese companies public relations

China is the world’s second largest economy, and their middle class is growing by the day. So those companies managing to join the Chinese economy are likely to rapidly increase their volume of business quickly if their product hits the sweet spot. In 2012 the upper-middle class in China made up about 14 percent of households in urban areas. Analysts ... Read More »

Traditional Media is Not Dead

traditional media pr

One of the hottest topics on digital marketing blogs is the death of traditional media. Almost anywhere you look on the web, you’ll find leading experts forecasting the demise of print, television, radio and other forms of traditional advertising. However, despite their grim predictions, traditional media isn’t dead. Rather, it’s evolving to meet the demands of consumers’ always-connected lifestyles. Smart ... Read More »

Paramount being sued for Transformers 4

transformers public relations

Paramount Studios is facing a lawsuit for, get this, not having enough product placement in Transformers 4. Yes … not enough. Now, while you are picking yourself up off the floor let me say, it’s really not having enough of the RIGHT product placement in the movie. Gizmodo reports the lawsuit is upwards of $27 million for “failing to place ... Read More »