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Protecting Your Brand from the PR Crisis Domino Effect

domino effect

After the recent Ethiopian Airlines disaster, it was all hands on deck for Boeing and for all airlines flying the 737 Max 8. But there was one brand for whom this disaster hit way too close to home. A brand that, when this news was reported, had to wonder if the proverbial other boot would land on them: Lion Air. ... Read More »

Verizon Responds to Job Cuts

Public Relations Campaigns Should Use Social Listening

Verizon is not publicly admitting defeat, but the company is shifting its focus, at least that was the message offered in explanation of the company’s reported decision to cut about 800 jobs in its media and advertising segment. Dominant in the wireless industry, Verizon wanted to diversify into digital advertising and hoped to do so on a level that could ... Read More »

Snickers: You’re not frugal when you’re hungry

Few things grab consumers’ attention like humour, and Snickers seems to have nailed it again. Riding on the back of its wildly successful “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign launched in 2010, Snickers and ad agency BDDO New York have launched a new banner ad: “Get one for the price of two!” If you’re not sure why that’s funny, ... Read More »

Can AT&T Disrupt the Status Quo in Online Advertising?

at & t marketing

For many years now, Google and Facebook have held a vice-grip on the online advertising business. Companies that wanted exposure online, went there first and second, with everything else a distant third (YouTube is owned by Google). Now, though, there’s a new player with the deep pockets and digital reach to play spoiler and, potentially, shift the market… if they ... Read More »

Samsonite Stock Plummets as Short-Sellers Attack

public relations

Samsonite International shares fell drastically at the end of May this year after a short seller report from Blue Orca Capital suggested that the world’s biggest luggage manufacturer has poor corporate governance and substandard accounting practices. According to Blue Orca, the Samsonite company is currently concealing slowing growth through carefully-structured acquisitions and massaged accounting strategies intended to show inflated profit ... Read More »

A Look at How Rolls-Royce Defended Thousands of Job Cuts

When sales are not what they once were or what they are expected to be, companies generally face the tough choice to lay off workers. But, no matter how necessary those decisions may be, they don’t happen in a vacuum. Every time a major company is forced or chooses massive layoffs or pay cuts, it makes the news and triggers ... Read More »

Bundle Battle May Write the New Future for Media

Bundle battle may write the new future for media

The secret to cable TVs success was not “all the channels.” It was the fact that cable providers could package and sell “all the channels” together as one product. Sure, customers could add-on “premium” channels like HBO or Showtime, but you were still getting stuck with a bunch of channels you probably didn’t want and wouldn’t watch, just to get ... Read More »

Local SEO Guide for 2017

Local SEO Guide for 2017

David Mihm has completed his rankings for the Local Search Ranking survey for 2017. This source has been helping businesses for years as they try to make sense of what people search for and how they should focus to increase their search engine rankings. David’s new company, Tidings, is helping businesses by connecting to local search industries. Here is a ... Read More »

NFL breaks ground with Twitter live stream

The NFL sees the writing on the wall. People are watching less TV. MUCH less TV, and they are spending a lot of time – even when the TV is on – logged on to social media. So, how can the NFL maintain its fan base while also reaching out to fans and potential fans who would rather watch video ... Read More »

Americans have a sunnier outlook, can you capitalize ?

Listen to some, especially on social media on Mondays, and you might think the average American hates his job and his (or her) life. And given two recent metrics, there might be an explanation: overall, U.S. employers slowed their hiring over the month of August and the slowed raises in salaries as well. Less help and less money? Yes, those ... Read More »

What Happens When you Break your Client’s Trust

Client Trust is Key Trust – or consumer confidence – is one of the most expensive commodities any business or brand can invest in. It takes a lot to win that trust, but it’s much more expensive to buy back once that trust has been broken. Just ask Chipotle, Volkswagen or GM … or WhatsApp. The messaging app was hugely ... Read More »

Trends in Social Media

When social media first began, with its projected marketing potential, critics claimed it wasn’t viable. Now social media platforms have many useful advertising options while still boasting ways to offer information for free. Every year new platforms emerge. According to Forbes magazine, the following social media technologies are predicted to dominate the industry in 2016. Read More »

The Whopperito: yes it’s real

The Whopperito: yes it’s real

Some have said Burger King will try anything to attempt to stay relevant in the fast food wars. Those folks may be right. The latest gambit? The Whopperito. While Tex-Mex joint Chipotle announced it would be debuting a burger-specific brand, BK decided to just combine the two concepts into a single entry. Read More »

The Value of a Public Relations Degree

Public Relations Degree

Public relations is one of the most dynamic and flexible careers for the young professional and is steadily becoming a millennial favorite. Public relations specialists get opportunities to work with iconic brands and ambassadors, as well as travel, and network with other professionals at all levels. PR experts can choose work on a contract, freelancing, or employee basis. The possibilities ... Read More »

Christopher Burch: Entrepreneur Of The Month

If you go looking for descriptive words that work when talking about Chris Burch, there are many – billionaire, fashion guru, real estate investor, entrepreneur, father of six, or maybe even lucky. It would be easy to see all those things in the man and begin to believe that he was simply born under a lucky star. That’s until you ... Read More »

Marketing to Millennials with Pets

Millennials with Pets

Millennials have recently overtaken baby boomers in pet ownership, creating a whole new approach to marketing to pets. With Millennials delaying the addition of children to their families, more are opting to own pets. People between 20 to 34 are more likely to spend more money on their beloved pets, with more spur of the moment spending on toys and ... Read More »

3 Examples of Savvy Companies working with China

chinese companies public relations

China is the world’s second largest economy, and their middle class is growing by the day. So those companies managing to join the Chinese economy are likely to rapidly increase their volume of business quickly if their product hits the sweet spot. In 2012 the upper-middle class in China made up about 14 percent of households in urban areas. Analysts ... Read More »

Fox Brands Trump as a Liar

trump 5wpr

The rift between the GOP frontrunner for POTUS and Fox News continues to widen. After Trump vowed to skip the most recent Republican Primary debate, Fox released reports stating Trump is lying about its debate ad rates. The direct attack against Trump is evidence of Fox’s interesting and somewhat unprecedented position: declared adversary of its party’s leading candidate. Some are ... Read More »