July 24, 2024

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What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook’s Ad Changes

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Advertising on social media has always been a bit of a creative challenge for marketing professionals. As social media platforms begin to employ stronger algorithms to curate user feeds, it becomes increasingly difficult for a business to achieve the coveted “organic” level of engagement and reach with consumers.

And that process is about to get even more challenging, thanks to impending changes by Facebook to its News Feed ad system. These changes will go into effect on August 19, so there’s still time to make some adjustments to your social media ads in preparation.

What will these changes entail? For one, less visible copy. This will present a true “write tight” challenge to marketers who want to make the biggest impact with as few words as possible. With this new change, ads on users’ mobile News Feeds will only show three lines of copy, versus the seven shown before.

Another change will be made to the aspect ratio of images shown in ads. Currently, ads on Facebook have a 2:3 ratio, versus the upcoming change to 4:5. What does this change mean? Essentially, the images will now be slightly smaller with the new change. As with the smaller amount of visible text, a smaller image may have a harder time grabbing the attention of an idly scrolling user, as it won’t take up as much space within the feed.

So how can marketers make the most of these changes so that their social media marketing approach doesn’t falter?

First and foremost, strength will come from copywriting skills in this instance. With just three lines of text to work with (more is available, but the user will now have to click “Show More” in order to see it).

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The challenge here will be to create a compelling message that grabs attention quickly and prompts the viewer to take action. Practice this now, before the changes go into effect, and have some new copy ready to test in the coming weeks.

With the smaller image sizes, focus on creating visually appealing, balanced graphics and images that again attract the eye quickly. If the brand usually puts words on its images, keep this minimal for the best effect. Remember, the post will only have a matter of seconds to make the intended impression. Don’t overload the user with too much to take in as they scroll by.

When creating new ads for the revamped News Feed, think of one thing: what will make the user stop and read? Consider adding an emoji or two to the copy, make sure the image is aesthetically pleasing and inviting, and always include a proper call to action above all else.

This certainly won’t be the only change that Facebook implements as it continues to make its feeds as appealing to its users as possible. With social media advertising booming yet also growing in cost, it’s important for marketing professionals to have a strong handle on these changes so that the business does not suffer as a result.

Marketing is an ever-shifting industry, and the best professionals in the field have grown accustomed to rolling with the punches. With this upcoming change, marketers can revel in the challenge that comes with a new approach. May the best marketer win!

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