September 25, 2022

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‘Valen of Wicked’s’ Hamed Wardak

As a child, Hamed Wardak grew up fairly gifted and showed a lot of promise with a unique intellectual prowess. Although Hamed has a short and rather varied professional life behind him, he has perfectly demonstrated his full intellectual potential and agility, through creative approaches to his professional assignments that have kept him ahead of the competition.

What does he do?

With all of the politics behind him, these days, Hamed Wardak has started focusing all of his energy in producing cutting-edge, culturally-focused techno music. He has taken up the performance alias ‘Valen of Wicked,’ and now has a musical landscape that is both raw and painstakingly-created. The music is thought-provoking and angry but filled with passion.

In the past few years, Hamed Wardak has started leading an artistic existence, which involves curating, composing, and producing his own music, as well as performing his specific brand of techno. The music of ‘Valen of Wicked’ is unlike most techno music these days. That’s because Hamed sources sounds which are specific to both location and atmospheric conditions, and infuses those sounds into traditional techno music.

His alias, Valen of Wicked, has brought a focused and unique sound to the techno world, that might evolve both the electronic dance music world and the techno music landscape. In fact, whenever the artist has a performance in any big venue across the world, his fans are very excited because many of them have travelled just to listen to his live gigs.

What does Valen of Wicked Mean?

The name that Hamed Wardak chose, has two specific words in it – Valen, which symbolizes both the honor and the courage of the artist’s character. This courage and honor stem from the various challenges that Wardak has had to overcome throughout his life thus far.

The other word – Wicked, which goes into the darkness that has a part of every human. However, specifically for Hamed, his particular brand of darkness shines whenever he channels it into his music. He has a very broad skill set and a lot of discipline, which has enabled him to create his high-quality techno music.

Aside from those qualities, Hamed’s determination as well as his self-control helped him in succeed in all of his various business pursuits during the early days of his career, and those are the same qualities which have helped him achieve the same success in his musical endeavors.

Meaning Behind the Music

The context of the music that Hamed Wardak creates is the fact that he sees music as a universal language that practically everyone can understand. He uses it as a way to bring people together. He believes it can be used to communicate between different sets of people, different countries and even cultures. Thus, when he is putting all the sounds together, he is, in fact, creating a universal language that everyone can understand.