September 25, 2022

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UX or UI?

Online holiday sales are booming because of the pandemic and throngs of customers crowding digital platforms. But once the new year begins and we begin returning to a new normal, what can marketers do to maintain as much momentum as possible with their e-commerce sales?

UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design come up as possible answers. In short, UX revolves around the feel of the experience one gets while visiting a website and checking out a product, while UI is more about functions and the look of the product’s interfaces.

It’s not an either-or situation. Many experts suggest that both are essential and need to work together for maximum success. However, because UI is more technically-oriented, let’s focus on UX and how to enhance the consumer experience when they visit the website.

Providing a great user-friendly mobile experience can inspire up to 77% of online shoppers to purchase from brands whose websites and mobile apps assist them in arriving at fast purchasing decisions, according to 2019 data from Google/Ipsos. This should motivate brands to optimize their websites and get rid of unnecessary visuals and words while keeping content short yet informative.

Inserting testimonials from satisfied customers is always good. An earlier article delved into the strength glowing reviews has on new customer decisions to buy. In addition, prospects conducting search queries deliver higher search volume and purchase potential.

Exhibit the brand’s care and seriousness about customer financial security by displaying trust seals that consumers recognize and trust as BBB accredited, Norton, McAfee, and TRUSTe. Online trust has become increasingly important amidst growing reports of scams and hacking.

Exhibit a transparent and candid pricing policy to build more trust and keep customers coming back. Also, be sure to include other fees like shipping and other charges so visitors have a truly clear picture of all charges they may be incurring.

Ensure that website visitors can navigate easily and quickly. Run a technical SEO audit as well by scanning all pages and gaining insights on issues requiring remedial action. If the site speed is slow, the architecture sloppy, and there’s no search bar, many visitors won’t have the patience to go looking around and will abandon the site.

Invest in chatbots to help with common customer service issues and free up staff to concentrate on the more serious matters demanding customer attention. 30% of consumers told Invest they don’t care whether a chatbot or human helps them so long as they receive the assistance they need. An astounding 95% said they feel customer service will be the major beneficiary of chatbots.

On checking out, 23% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts when informed that they’re required to open an account on their first hopping experience with a company, according to eCommerce. Why drive away nearly a fourth of people who were intent on buying? Why not have a guest checkout process like Nike? The sports apparel firm offers first-time shoppers the option of registering, doing a guest checkout, or paying via PayPal.

In summary, not everything that’s employed may be successful. Monitor, measure, and adjust where necessary.