September 25, 2022

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Unbelievable Social Media Marketing Stats

Influencer marketing is a hugely popular PR and marketing tool in today’s digital world. But just how effective is it? These interesting and incredible statistics will explain just how and why brand managers, marketers, and PR pros need to take influencer marketing very seriously.

The first reasons to take influencer marketing seriously is the time-tested power of authentic word-of-mouth advertising and third-party affirmation. When those dynamics are coupled with the baked-in trust people have in their favorite influencers, the results speak for themselves.

When asked, nearly 65 percent of consumers said they trust the influencer of their choice more than the messages they get directly from the brand… even if those messages are exactly the same. Nearly six out of ten people have purchased a new product or brand as a direct result of a recommendation from an influencer.

Think about that for a moment, 60 percent of consumers making buying decisions simply because someone they know, like, and trust suggested it. Many of these people were probably not even aware of or interested in that specific product or brand. Then they saw the influencer with it or heard them talking about it and looked for a way to buy.

So, what is the value of this direct connection to the consumer? According to recent market studies, influencer marketing will account for upwards of $10 billion in revenue over the next year. And, as AI gets better, that number will only increase.

The effect of the introduction of artificial intelligence into digital marketing has been incredible. Those benefits are also directly benefiting influencer marketing as well. AI helps brands determine better numbers for key statistics including engagement, purchase decisions, and brand awareness. In addition, AI is helping brands cull fake accounts, leading to more accurate ROI data.

And influencer marketing gives brands greater access to consumers than ever before. With 1.3 billion people actively sharing more than 10 billion messages on Facebook Messenger each month, and 1.6 billion users sending 55 billion messages on WhatsApp every day, the potential for increasing brand awareness through influencers has almost no ceiling. All they need to do is give people the right message, because they’re already sharing with each other.

The tried and true marketing adage “go where the people are” remains valid in today’s modern marketplace. And where are the people? On social media. Who are they listening to? Increasingly, they are listening to influencers more than direct brand messages. Given these facts, every brand should consider an active social media PR plan involving key influencers within their niche.