May 28, 2024

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Types of Sales Promotions You Can Offer Customers to Increase Sales

sales promotions

Sales promotions are vital to a company’s marketing strategy. Their purpose is to boost sales, enhance brand recognition, and draw in fresh customers. Many sales promotion options are available to businesses. Selecting the appropriate one can have a significant impact on the company’s profits.


Discounts are a popular type of sales promotion. They offer customers a percentage off the regular price. For example, a company might offer 10% off during a specific time frame. Discounts are effective because they provide an immediate incentive to purchase and create a sense of urgency. Yet, discounts can decrease perceived value, so it’s important to use them carefully.


Coupons are a well-known type of promotion. They offer customers a reduced price through physical or digital coupons that are redeemable in-store or online. Companies use coupons to track the success of sales promotions and target specific customer segments. These segments may include previous purchasers or email newsletter subscribers.


Companies use rebates to encourage customers to buy their products or services. This sales promotion offers a partial refund after a purchase. Rebates make customers feel like they’re getting a good deal, but they have to pay the full price upfront. However, the process of submitting a rebate form and waiting for the refund to be processed can be challenging.

Free Trials

Free trials are a sales promotion that lets customers test a product or service before buying it. They work well for subscription-based companies, as they show what customers can expect. Free trials reduce the risk of trying a new product or service. They also show the value of offerings, which can boost sales.

Loyalty programs

Companies can use loyalty programs to encourage customers to make repeat purchases. These programs offer rewards or discounts for reaching certain milestones or spending a certain amount of money. Loyalty programs incentivize customers to continue purchasing from the company and provide valuable data on purchasing habits. This information can be used to improve marketing and product development efforts.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are sales promotions that offer customers the chance to win prizes. They encourage engagement by asking customers to submit photos or videos or to increase social media following. These promotions create excitement and anticipation among customers and increase brand awareness. Customers are likely to share the contest or giveaway with their friends and followers.


Bundles are a type of sales promotion that involve offering customers various products or services for a reduced price. For example, a company might offer a “buy one, get one free” promotion. Bundles are effective because they allow customers to feel like they’re getting a good deal, even though they’re purchasing multiple products or services.

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