May 28, 2024

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Top TikTok Makeup Trends For the Fall

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With the fall season at the door, consumers have a lot more to anticipate than just the brand new and older pumpkin-flavored products at their nearest shops. This is especially true when it comes to makeup trends, and more specifically, TikTok makeup trends. After all, these days, most trends, especially with younger generations of consumers, are coming from TikTok.


While the trend’s been around all over the world for a long time, there’s been a renewed revival and passion in Barbie-inspired beauty and makeup that came after the success of the Barbie summer blockbuster. To perfect this TikTok makeup trend, all consumers need is to focus on the color pink. That means pink lips, pink eyeshadow, pink nails, and some can even add pink hair streaks for anyone who really wants to fully take on the entire Barbie look. The addition of black eyeliner can have anyone going “Hi, Barbie!” any time they see themselves in the mirror.

Oat latte eyes

While this TikTok makeup trend is essentially just a more fun way of describing a soft brown smoky eye, it nevertheless, managed to capture the essence of fall, given how many look forward to pumpkin spice lattes. To achieve it, it’s pretty simple, as it requires blending out some bright tones from anyone’s go-to eyeshadow palette and adding an extra shimmery tone on top for anyone who really wants to add the extra touch on top of their coffee shop-perfect eyes.

Dark makeup

This TikTok trend has a strong focus on dark tones, sharp lines, strong contours, and sleek hairstyles. It’s also been referred to as the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic and it’s been a popular one in TikTok makeup trends. This trend leans on appearances that focus on darker colors and aren’t for anyone who wants to look effortless and natural. Although it might seem like an ideal look for Halloween for some, it’s a TikTok makeup trend that’s worth trying out long before, and even after the spooky season. For anyone who’s thinking about trying out this sharper look for themselves, it’s best to pick an eyeshadow palette with dark shades along with a strong contour to get a more chiseled appearance.


Another popular TikTok makeup trend is Coquette. This trend is supposed to be a mix of period-inspired looks that lean feminine, royal, and soft. If anyone is trying to think about what the Coquette trend looks like, all they need to do is picture Daphne from the popular show Bridgerton or Cassie from the show Euphoria. Floral colors, glossy looks, soft blush, a tiny bit of contour, paired with bright eyes, according to this TikTok makeup trend.

Spidery lashes

This fall, there’s a huge increase in popularity with spidery lashes in terms of TikTok makeup. It’s a fantastic way to grab people’s attention and make the eyes stand out, no matter what the rest of the makeup look is going to be. Some makeup brands have decided to release brand new products to follow this trend on the social media platform. 

Light vs. dark feminine looks

TikTok users tend to love analyzing the inspiration and ideas behind certain makeup or fashion looks, and these two TikTok makeup trends fall under that umbrella with users on the platform. The light feminine is focused on softer colors and a makeup-free look. Meanwhile, the dark feminine trend is all about smoky eyes, eyeliner, along with dramatic lashes.

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