June 14, 2024

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Seven Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Certain factors have to be considered in order to remain relevant in business today.

One cannot ignore the evolution in digital marketing which include conversational interfaces, machine intelligence, headless content management systems and evolving content forms. These have led to advanced capabilities.

Virtual events

In September 2019, Apple’s iPhone 11, 11 Pro,and ProMax launch event had 1.8 million people transfixed to their screens as the event was live-streamed, truly a pioneering event. With the current situation of the pandemic, it is only logical that remote participation will be largely prevalent henceforth. Live streaming successfully draws on people’s FOMO (fear of missing out). According to ‘MarketingProfs’, Facebook users are more likely to comment ten times more on live videos than on regular videos.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality lets brands give their customers distinctive experiences, with the ease of tapping into their mobile devices. It transforms any advertisement into an interactive and immersive experience.AR effectively communicates the details of a product that helps a customer to understand more about their purchase which make it easier to meet customer expectations.


CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization serves to develop the performance of a website. It can be said that it is a business funnel. It will be productive to consider CRO from two perspectives- a) how people reach a website from an ad, social media post, etc
and b) what they do once they are on the website. It is about making website traffic more rewarding in terms of generation of revenue. CRO helps to build a sound understanding of customers’ pathway to purchase.

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There is a resurgence of UGC or User Generated Content on websites and on social channels. Businesses can offer incentives like free samples and discounts and can tap into consumers or customers as resources who can help to spread the message more beneficially. A review or a social media post can positively impact consumer buying patterns.


The growth of TikTok is indisputable. From Universal Studios to San Diego Zoo many businesses have found a measure of success by marketing on TikTok.This is one channel which will not be severely hampered by lockdown restrictions. The unique trends, behaviours and features on TikTok and its entertainment options help it to reach beyond other apps.


SERP or Search Engine Results Page dictates how a search appears on Google’s first page. Organic listings, sponsored results, Google knowledge panels, and rich panels can help improve the ranking of a site and reach as distinctive a position on SERP as possible.

Mobile Optimization

The advent and popularity of mobile devices has changed the game for digital marketers. The data that 9 in every 10 smartphone users have used the device subsequently to make a purchase prove the importance of this format. Interactive ads and videos provide a better user experience. Mobile optimization requires that the site has to be convenient for all readers, from modifying the contrast so that colorblind people can read to making it practicable for visually impaired people to comprehend through screen readers.

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