July 24, 2024

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Digital Marketing Techniques for Security Companies During The Pandemic

With more US states reporting cases of infection with the new Coronavirus, COVID-19, there has been a concerted effort to ensure social distancing protocols are adhered to. In California, for instance, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered Californians to stay at home unless they needed to go out for essential commodities. As tens-of-thousands get tested in America, confirmed coronavirus cases have climbed beyond the 30,000-mark as of this moment. The death-toll from COVID-19 is officially above the 400-people-mark.

In the security space, these unforeseen events have led to numerous uncertainties. That said, knee-jerk reactions can set-up security companies for a long-term and uphill struggle. Specifically, knee-jerk reactions on the marketing front can be disastrous.
With these insights, security companies can adopt novel digital marketing techniques, to help power through the international health crisis.

As business takes a plunge, security businesses can adopt novel but cost-effective strategies to maintain their visibility and their customer base.

Increasing Visibility

With more people staying at home, security companies can benefit by improving their chances to be found at each stage of the purchase cycle. This includes everything from exploring new service providers to comparing different product offerings.

A surefire yet cost-effective strategy is the mere exposure strategy, defined as the phenomenon where humans tend to favor products or services that they are familiar with. With more people suspending their daily routines to adhere to social distancing protocols, security companies should set aside budgets to keep their brands visible on social media and on email platforms.

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Though it may seem counterintuitive, security companies can reap long-term benefits from the aforementioned strategy. Notably, by producing and promoting content that reassures and informs clients on the crisis, while strategically introducing key products/service offerings, can enhance brand visibility.

Cost-Effective Client Retention

Comparing customer acquisition and retention, statistics show customer retention is five times cheaper than customer acquisition. In this context, security companies should adopt client retention strategies, specifically strategies targeting at keeping in touch with clients during the lockdown periods.

Marketing automation, particularly, is a low-cost, effective and easy strategy that security companies can implement to remain in touch with existing clients. Through contextualized, personalized and highly-targeted messaging, via email and social media, security companies can share news updates on the COVID-19 crisis with existing clients.

By automating the process of keeping in touch with clients at each touchpoint of their digital journey, security companies will derive higher ROI, regardless of whether their workforce is working remotely. Strategic content creation too is an ingredient that security companies can infuse in their marketing strategy to retain existing clients.

To highlight, security companies should feature innovations that they are currently working on and stress how such products differentiate them from competitors in the market. Accompanying such information should be good news, like client wins and awards to the company.

However, security companies should desist from being salesy. To power through the COVID-19 crisis, content should be geared towards informing and staying in touch – as opposed to convincing existing customers to make a purchase.

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Another cost-effective strategy is engaging in conversations with existing clients via social media or dedicated platforms. By reaching out to existing clients at each point of the security companies’ social media funnels, security companies can draw insight into what clients are talking about, concerns about product offerings and market trends. This would play an important role in helping security companies fill gaps in the industry.

Ultimately, these strategies will benefit security companies during and after the new Coronavirus pandemic.

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