May 28, 2024

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Running a Successful Instagram Campaign

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Given the popularity of the platform, it should come as no surprise that everyone and their Auntie Mae has an opinion about how to best run an Instagram marketing campaign. Indeed, no matter how good your idea is — be it content creation, an online store or even a podcast — it is only as good as the effectiveness of the marketing strategy used to reach the target audience.

To save you some time, we’ve separated the marketing wheat from the chaff to bring you the top tips for running a successful Instagram campaign.

Plan the Campaign Content

Make a roadmap or content calendar of the posts and stories you plan to share each day. Each post should make sense on its own, while still reinforcing the overall message of your campaign. If audiences see multiple posts, they should work together to build anticipation and excitement.

Use the Feed and Stories

If you’re only running ads on the Instagram feed, you’re missing out. Some 400 million Instagram stories are watched each day, but only half of the businesses on the platform are using them.

Stories can complement your posts, or you can let Facebook Ads place your content in either format.

Use A/B Tests

Use A/B testing to refine your strategy and really get the most out of your campaign’s lifespan. Test multiple versions of your ads simultaneously, and maximize your budget by automatically selecting the best performing versions.

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You can A/B test almost every element of your ad, from images, copy, placements, audiences and your landing page.

Create An Aesthetic

The campaign should align with the brand’s overall look and feel, but that’s not to say you can’t still make it distinct. Unlike a single ad, which is designed to blend well with the rest of your content, you should be looking to make your campaign stand out on its own.

It should be memorable and recognizable so that each piece of the campaign puzzle adds up to one, coherent message. This will go a long way in reinforcing your key call-to-action and build familiarity each time a user views your promotion.

Track the Metrics That Matter

Before you even think about launching your campaign, identify the key metrics that you’ll be using to evaluate the success of your campaign as its running. For example, if you plan on running an awareness campaign, you’ll want to pay attention to audience growth, reach, and share of voice.

The metrics that matter to you will vary depending on the objectives of your campaign. There are a bunch of metrics you can track on social media, as well as some analytics unique to Instagram. Depending on the type of campaign you’re running, you may want to track metrics outside the platform too, such as trackable links or the use of promo codes.

Running an Instagram campaign, thankfully, isn’t rocket science. Nor is running a successful one. Get planning!