April 21, 2024

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Promotional Campaigns Targeting Seniors

When most people think about marketing to seniors, the first things that generally come to mind are showing older people in promotional photos or using bigger fonts. Although this is a relatively common thing for plenty of businesses, there are plenty more marketing strategies to use when it comes to targeting seniors in promotional campaigns.

This group of the market isn’t too different from any other, and these days, most seniors actually end up spending plenty of time online too. However, when it comes to creating promotional campaigns that target seniors, there are certain important distinctions that companies should remember.

Relatable Language

Just as with every other target market group, it’s important for businesses to speak the people’s language. That means, when targeting seniors in campaigns, companies should avoid using internet slang, teenage jargon, or trendy language. While millennials might be a big target audience that thrives on a sense of drama, baby boomers are a bit different.

Seniors actually just want to know how the product or service is going to be improving their quality of life, and little else. However, that doesn’t mean promotional strategies and campaigns can’t be clever. All it means is that businesses should stick to language that’s familiar to baby boomers, because anything else likely means that the meaning of any jokes, along with sales, will be totally lost.

Buying Criteria

Unlike other target audiences, baby boomers have different criteria when it comes to making purchases. Most businesses understand that when promoting a product or a service, it’s important to not sell the product, and instead sell the solution that’s going to help with solving a problem, with the help of the product. For example, if the product is a notebook, the business is actually selling an item that consumers can use to take and keep notes. The company that is successful in convincing people that their notebook is the best for taking and keeping notes will get the majority of market sales.

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Nevertheless, when it comes to promotional campaigns for seniors, they generally don’t look for the same things that teenagers do– but that doesn’t mean they both won’t buy the same product. In fact, companies can sell the same product to just about anyone, as long as they understand their pain points.

Making Things Easy

Since most baby boomers didn’t grow up or spend a major part of their lives on the internet, or even with an iPhone in their hands, it’s not going to be the easiest for them to go online and take certain actions on a website or even an app.

That means businesses that require their consumers to read any fine print or understand symbols that are generally understood only by the younger generation are going to be losing out on a portion of sales that includes their senior customers. That’s why in order to cater to every audience, the entire buying journey should be made as easy as possible.