September 25, 2022

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Pandemic Marketing For Cleaning Companies

As the local and federal governments and health officials battle to contain the spread of the new Coronavirus, COVID-19, a cloud of uncertainty is spreading over the nation. Lingering questions include: Will a cure be found in time?, Is this the beginning of an economic recession?, Will COVID-19 erode gains made by different brands, etc. In this context, cleaning businesses are unsure of what to expect. With CEOs seeking to save their businesses, it may seem prudent to cut spending on marketing, as businesses wait to see if the recession occurs. 

Halting or slashing marketing spending for cleaning companies may deal a devastating blow to the businesses’ prospects. As an alternative, cleaning companies should identify strategies on how to pivot their marketing strategies, ensuring they capture their client’s attention.To make adjustments in demand generation strategies and to adjust marketing strategies, cleaning companies should consider a few things. 

What Every Cleaning Brand Should Know

Re-Evaluate Marketing Campaigns

With dozens of brands in different industries suspending or delaying their marketing campaigns, cleaning companies need to re-evaluate their market demand and adjust their marketing campaigns accordingly. In response to the new Coronavirus pandemic, there’s a high likelihood that demand for commercial cleaning, especially within institutions, might drive demand through the roof. 

That said, marketing teams in cleaning companies should assess how search-related trends of their products or services are evolving. This assessment done, they can recommend appropriate strategies. This way, they can assist current and prospective clients in learning more about their services, as well as how to keep COVID-19 infections at bay. 

At the same time, cleaning companies should be careful when charting these previously untraveled waters. Regardless of the rocketing demand, they should be sensitive to the world’s concerns. Through carefully crafted social-media messages, cleaning companies can reach target audiences and still provide insightful information on how to counter the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus.

Reassure  Customers and Key Stakeholders

Irrespective of a bullish or bearish demand for cleaning services, cleaning companies should communicate with customers and stakeholders on critical matters. By adopting a proactive approach, cleaning companies can elaborate on issues like employee and public safety, how the company is handling refunds, impacts of the new Coronavirus on business operations, etc.

Through effective crisis communication, cleaning companies can capture the attention of current and prospective clients. Irrespective of whether current customers are buying or not, proactive cleaning companies should consider the content needs of these clients.

With educational content on COVID-19 helping customers solve their pressing problems, cleaning companies can offer value without selling products. This way they’ll stay in the minds of these clients, while providing value through challenging times.

Adopt Tech-based Systems

With the government pushing for social distancing to curb new Coronavirus infections, cleaning companies should embrace tech-based systems. This will help overcome challenges created by the cancellation of trade shows and demand for remote interfaces by their workers. 

Several tech-based systems that are worth consideration by cleaning companies include: working with social media influencers, repurposing keynote speeches into videos and sharing them online, hosting informative webinar series, creating content relationship management systems (CRMs) to assist remote workers, etc.