April 20, 2024

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Five Tips To Help You Pack Light

packing-light travel tips

Travel is one of the most exciting aspect of my public relations work. With clients coast to coast, it seems I’m always on the go. This constant travel has definitely helped me when it comes to traveling light on vacations. Now I want to share some of those “learned by doing” tips with those of you who may pack your travel dreams into a single annual vacation.

Do you Really Need It?

Before you pack that suitcase, spread everything out you are thinking of taking on your bed. Now look at each item and ask yourself: Will I use this? NOT may I need this, but WILL I USE THIS? If the answer is “yes,” pack it. Put everything else away…unless you have room. Honestly, do you really want to schlep around all those “maybes” through your entire vacation.

Pack for the BEST CASE Scenario

Too many people get frustrated on vacation because someone taught them to pack for what might happen, not what will happen. The potential need is hardly ever outweighed by the frustration of lugging around something you will likely never need. Plus, if the worst does happen, it’s always easier to carry cash or plastic and buy your way out of jam. Each year millions of people spend money BEFORE vacation on “what if” items they never actually need. PSA: This does not apply to first aid kids. Definitely carry one of those.

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Give Yourself Limits

Don’t bring more than one suitcase. Seriously. And make it one you can manage with one hand. You might find this impossible now, but you will thank me later. Travel aficionado, Rick Steves, suggests one carry-on bag per person. I took this advice and have been happier for it ever since.

Keep Your Clothes Slim

Don’t pack denim. Seriously. Just don’t. Pack light, breathable fabrics. Not only do they take up less space, but they dry faster and weigh a lot less. If you are traveling to cooler climates, bring layers. And, whatever you pack, seal them in packing cubes or airless bags. You can also pick up a cool pack-it folder. These offer wrinkle-free compression and packing.

Limit Your Gadgets

Unless you need it for work, limit your gadgets to one per person. Not only does this cut down on potential breakage, but limiting gadgets also limits chargers, cables and all the other assorted stuff that comes with them.

Follow these tips and you are sure to have a happier, easier time on your next vacation. I can’t guarantee sunny skies, but I can promise less stress and a happier back.