May 28, 2024

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Marketing With Brand Advocates

The best marketing campaigns aim to turn the new and returning customers into brand advocates, as word of mouth marketing is one of the most efficient ways to advertise products or services. That’s why more and more brands and corporations, regardless of their size or industry, are looking to further develop and establish this approach in their marketing strategies.

Furthermore, today’s customers are much wiser, and they don’t believe in false promotions or advertising from brands. These people first look for product or brand recommendations from their social circles, such as their friends or family, and check reviews about the product they want online or on review platforms before they decide to make a purchase.

And because of technology, today’s consumers are able to get all the details they need about a product before they make a purchase quickly and easily, which means brands should be looking to remain in their consumers’ good graces to reach new customers.

One of the most effective strategies that marketers use to develop a word of a mouth marketing campaign is asking the customers for valuable reviews and feedback. According to some studies, website visitors take only 8 seconds before they form an opinion about a business, which means companies only have a few seconds to win new customers.

And one of the best ways to utilize that short time period is to highlight positive customer reviews on the company website because potential consumers trust the current consumers’ opinions.

This means that companies should be showing the visitors what the consumers are saying about the products or services, to persuade them to take action and make a purchase.

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Another very effective marketing tactic is to integrate the customers’ reviews with other marketing channels, such as paid ads on social media platforms, email newsletters, or PPC ads.

Product or service reviews are one of the most powerful tools that marketers use to convert potential leads into customers, and to get more eyes on a certain product, companies should be adding their customers’ feedback in the different marketing channels they’re using.

For example, one popular trend right now is including written or video reviews in email newsletters.

Businesses are creating interesting statements from the reviews themselves in the email subject line, which improves the CTRs, and then adds relevant links within the email to take the leads directly to the right landing page.

Influencer marketing is another very effective strategy, but turning the customers into content creators on social media platforms is even more effective than that. A great way to inspire customers to create brand content is to create content where the company’s social media followers can create and contribute content to the company’s social pages as part of a campaign.

The great thing about this type of organic content is that it’s authentic and transparent, which means it’s going to boost the company’s engagement while increasing the number of followers and grabbing people’s attention.

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