April 19, 2024

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Market Matters

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One of the advantages of working with 5WPR is the variety of clients we serve. Over the years this has given countless firsthand opportunities to see how concepts and plans translate into success in food and beverage PR.

When it comes to Cinco de Mayo celebrations, PR can often feel deceptively simple. Tequila specials, some tacos or tamales, bright colors and some high energy music and you are good to go. Not so rapido, hombre. Before planning the holiday party PR, you need to carefully consider your market. There is no one-size-fits-all plan for party-themed holiday. Beyond the colors and the basic decorations, you need to allow your target market to help you determine the mood you plan to set and the way your venue will celebrate.


On the surface this one seems easy. Limited deals on tequila shots, margaritas and Mexican beers are a given, but from there it can be tempting to veer off course. Some venues attempt to get extravagant with their menus, décor or atmosphere. When people are accustomed to coming to your nightspot or watering hole FOR its atmosphere, changing it up too much – even for a major holiday – conflicts with your customers’ expectations and can sour their mood.

Restaurants & Nightclubs

Holiday parties at restaurants where patrons expect a little less formality can be a terrific excuse to get a little crazy. Costume contests, limited menus and live bands can change up the vibe in a positive way while not disturbing customer expectations.

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Family-Friendly Environments

It can be frustrating for families to find something to do on a night when most adults are out tying one on. Your venue can be the solution to that frustration. Positioning your place as a family-friendly destination on not so family friendly occasions can have lasting benefits this year and the next. People who may not otherwise darken your door will give you a shot. Show them a good, stress-free time and you could be looking at a room full of brand new loyal customers.

Parks & Civic Areas

Because these events can often attract a wide cross section of people, promoters often opt for more generic programs. At 5W Public Relations, we call those “no size fits all” promotions. The best option for civic-sponsored events on party holidays is a multiple-event, multi-venue approach. History and culture at the museums and botanical gardens with high-end appetizers and drink options and sporadic live entertainment. Fun and games in the parks with strolling musicians and scheduled genre-specific bands. If you are planning a parade, find out who else is and try to combine them for maximum impact. And, no matter what the holiday is, there will always be a group just out for a party. Accommodate them at a specific venue with beer specials, fair food and live bands.

Whatever your party plans on Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, St. Paddy’s or any of the traditional holiday party days, make sure your attractions – and your message – are tailored to your market. If you have any questions about that, 5WPR has the answer.

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