April 21, 2024

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When You Come Bearing Jobs


When a new company plans a move into a new area, state or region, public relations plays a key role in that transition. And not just consumer PR either. The new company would be wise to connect and commit to that community in visible and tangible ways. Open the lines of communication and keep them open. You may not be able to make everyone happy, but the effort expended will be worth it.

So how can a new employer or company use targeted public relations to connect with a new community? Here are four ways to get started.

Explain who you are, not just what you do

Sometimes PR is heavy on the function and too light on the form. Let the locals understand your culture and why you will make a good neighbor. Show them your values and allow them to see how your company can be a good fit in their community. Lots of people fear change, but everyone appreciates honesty, humanity and hospitality.

Before you build, get involved

One of the best PR moves a new company can make is to get involved in the local community as soon as possible. Volunteer with local charities. Join the local chamber of commerce. Buy season tickets to the high school football game for the executives. Join the local golf clubs or spas. Make your presence known and appreciated. This sort of involvement may not always make the papers, but if residents see you out and about, it offers an invaluable opportunity to be seen as bearers of good will.

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Invest in the community

Speaking of charity, it can be an incredible PR move to find a local charity or cause and support it. Not simply as an empty gesture but as a way to connect with the community and visibly express what is important to the people who make your company run.

Recruit locally

There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing loyal current employees along when you move into a new community. But it is a huge PR win when a company opts to recruit for solid, good-paying jobs from within the community they are moving to. This sends the signal that you are ready to commit not just to the geography but also the people.

So, when you are coming into a new community, bring more than jobs with your business. Bring your culture, your community and your good will. Pitch in and get involved. Connect and commit. You will see these efforts reflected in your bottom line soon enough.