April 20, 2024

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Introducing a New Executive to the Company

Earlier this month, Andy Jassy became the new CEO of Amazon and he sent out the first company wide email when he took over the position. According to the email, the new CEO first expressed his admiration for the company’s founder, Jeff Bezos.

The email then continued with Andy Jassy reiterating the commitment of the company to building an innovative company culture, and promised  to continue making Amazon better.

This big change is happening during a very important moment for the corporation.

The brand has been facing pressure to continue maintaining its high stock performance, and to deal with various regulators that have been alleging many unfair business practices. Additionally, the company has also had to address worker dissatisfaction, as well as unionization efforts .

The way that the new CEO introduced himself to the company in the email was one of the best approaches for introducing a new executive to a company. Other businesses can learn a lot from a single simple email, like how to improve their own communication efforts.


From the very opening of the email, the new CEO clearly stated that the top business priority for the company is to remain focused on making the lives of the consumers better every day. He also stated that that goal would go hand-in-hand with caring for the workers themselves.

Over the last few months, there have been several reports about Amazon’s delivery drivers, as well as warehouse workers facing various difficulties during their workdays. There have also been talks of employees trying and failing to unionize, and working overtime. The previous CEO, Bezos, was already aware of these problems, as he wrote a shareholder letter a few months ago talking about how the company should be doing a better job for the employees.

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Future Decisions

Next, Jassy also set the tone for his leadership style by saying that he is looking to continue making other innovative and smart decisions that will make the consumers’ lives better. According to some recent reports, the company has been facing high turnover in the vice-presidential positions lately, and some of the employees have been worried that the company culture will start suffering because of it.

Jassy then continued underscoring the experience that he got while working with Bezos for about two decades. He also talked about his admiration for Bezos and the company, and he made sure that the employees would understand the entire transitional period would be going smoothly. In that section, the new CEO made it clear that he would not be stepping too far away from the rulebook that Bezos already had created.

Closing Statements

Finally, at the end of the email, he made sure to inspire the employees around the entire company to continue doing influential work. That work ranges from providing consumers with the necessary equipment throughout the pandemic, to helping other companies like Netflix and Twitch sustain their demand through Amazon Web Services.

All of the statements put together made for an excellent introduction of a new executive to the company, and provides an example of how other companies can employ similar strategies.