July 24, 2024

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Iconic Marketing Campaigns That Capture Hearts and Attention

It’s been a long spring that was preceded by a cold winter and a generally stressful year, due to the pandemic. However, the end to this global issue seems to be inching closer with each passing day, and with it, so are all the attention-grabbing campaigns for when things go back to normal.

One corporation that has always created very successful camping, and is still going strong, is Coca-Cola. Every year, the company does something truly memorable, such as its holiday commercials, or inscribing random names on the packaging of their drink and having strangers or friends share a bottle.

This year it’s no different with the beverage company adding poetry to the bottles’ labels in an attempt to evoke positive feelings that are connected to the summer season and warm months ahead. The campaign, aptly titled “Open for Summer” is focused on the world opening up after the pandemic for the summer months, and features 24 different short poems on the bottles. The themes for the poems center around summer occasions or events such as backyard barbecues, movie nights, or even baseball games.

Additionally, this physical campaign is also tied to a radio and TV marketing campaign titled “Summer Tastes Better”. However, Coca-Cola isn’t the only brand that has created a summer campaign centered around reopenings in a post-pandemic world.

Although the seasonal packaging of the brand’s bottles isn’t explicitly about the pandemic itself, the topics of the poems on the labels are clearly activities that people weren’t able to enjoy the previous summer.

Additionally, despite the world moving toward reopening, the brand also kept some of the restrictions in mind such as talking about a movie night instead of going out to a cinema. This means that the company understands that many consumers are more than eager to continue their old habits and rituals that were common before the global pandemic.

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Furthermore, this latest marketing effort on Coca-Cola’s part also shows that the brand is going to continue to reuse brilliant ideas for its seasonal packaging approach. This is because, for several years, the company would showcase various popular names on its labels for the “Share a Coke” summer campaigns

In fact, even last year, the brand employed the same campaign with an update to feature frontline workers and their incredible efforts during difficult times.

After a year of difficulties, stress, and uncertainty plenty of brands are focusing on very positive and optimistic campaigns while keeping restrictions in mind.

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