September 25, 2022

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If a brand could get a return of more than 500% for every dollar spent on influencer marketing, why wouldn’t the company embrace it?  Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing. The success and popularity of influencer marketing also means that the potential market for influencers is ripe and growing.  But like other pathways, there are so many different directions and decisions to make in pursuing that path. Here are some tips:


Ever notice the difference in speakers who can move an audience and seem more credible?  They speak with passion and knowledge. People aiming to be influencers need to find their niche because marketers are seeking the same attributes in whomever they retain.


Ever try a new product because something in the ad piqued your interest?  What stands out among successful influencers is that they’re unique. Influencers who stand out from the crowd are more likely to garner attention as well.  How many people actually thought they’d love slime before Karina Garcia arrived on the scene? Garcia has generated more than a million views on YouTube with her videos on beauty products and about life that are highly popular.  When she revealed a passion for slime, it ignited a huge market for products bearing that name with large retailers like Target and Michael’s now marketing slime.


No, this doesn’t mean a medium for spirits nor strait of water but rather one’s social media platform of choice.  As appealing as it may be to think about every channel, experts say it’s best to focus on one for starters. At the same time, consider whom you’re targeting and which channel is most popular with that generation.  For example, the 2019 Manifest Consumer Social Media Survey reported that YouTube was the most visited platform by Gen Zers and millennials followed by Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


This means everything from drafting a social media strategy with timelines, a regular schedule and also creating high quality content.  Getting people to know about your blog, podcast, etc. is critical so promotion should also be a part of the strategy.


As in life, receiving help is also important.  Not only partner with folks who share your interest but consider bigger and more popular influencers.  Featuring them in a blog, article or podcast not only gives them exposure but they’ll also promote it to their followers as well.


Even as the audience grows, be sure to respond to everyone.  It not only instills loyalty, but also builds trust and credibility.


Most importantly, be sure to keep tabs on what content appealed to the audience or engaged them and what didn’t.  Learn from that to improve on future content. Look at posts and review comments as a lot can be learned from that. Last but not least, engage and ask followers what they wish to see or hear more of.


Sharp marketers track popular influencers.   When influencers either reach a certain milestone with followers and/or generate a big enough buzz, they’ll come a knocking.