July 25, 2024

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Five tips to improve engagement on Facebook

Facebook Announces Fake News Tool

Facebook remains one of the best platforms for businesses to reach customers, drive website traffic, and increase sales. With over 2 billion monthly active users, improving engagement with Facebook has the potential to provide positive outcomes for your business.

Engagement means different things to different businesses. When it comes to Facebook, engagement mostly pertains to getting comments, likes, shares on your content. Getting the audience to click on your links leads to increased website traffic and, best case scenario, sales. Here are five tips to achieve this:

Substitute passive engagement with active engagement

Engagement is a two-way street. If you want your audience to engage with you and your content, then you need to do the same for them. It’s not enough to just post on Facebook and leave everything up to fate. To truly get the most out of Facebook, reply to your audience’s questions, comments or concerns. Not only will your audience be more likely to engage with you if you’re responsive and attentive, but it will also make them feel like your business cares.

Get the timing right

Social media engagement is a constant ‘live and learn’ process. This applies to what time you post your content. Test your social media metrics to find out what times your audience is most likely to respond, react and engage with your material. While it is generally most fruitful to post at night on Facebook, keep in mind your target demographic and what times they are most likely to engage with Facebook.  

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Keep a calendar of all the holidays

Use Facebook as a means to celebrate holidays, even the ones that aren’t “real”, and then use the holiday to promote your product or service via Facebook. If it’s relevant to you business in some way or the other, then any holiday can be used as a promotion tool. You could even go a step further and promote your store by taking advantage of fun holidays like ‘national pizza day’ and announce that everyone that visits the store that day gets a free slice. At the very least, you can use holidays for a fun, interesting and relevant post to reach out to your audience.

Post quality visual content

Of course, the quality of your written content matters a lot, but also ensure that the pictures, videos and other visual content you are posting is of high quality. Images should be professional and appealing. If you want to personalize your content, visual content is the way to go, but don’t rely on low quality stock images.

Include a Call To Action

If the goal of your content is for your audience to read, like then move on, then you won’t be needing a CTA, or Call to Action. However, if you want further engagement from your audience, then include a CTA. Ask them to visit your website for more information or share your post or answer a question.

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