July 24, 2024

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Driving Sales through Social Media

Driving Traffic Social Media

Social media is a great way for companies to connect with their target audiences and get their brands and solutions in front of potential customers. Additionally, when a company uses the right strategies, social media platforms are also a great way for companies to generate more sales. 


It might seem counterintuitive for companies to be pushing sales through social media, as it’s a place where users go to relax or be entertained, rather than search for products to purchase. However, that is changing and consumers are increasingly using social media as a search engine for products, while still seeking to be entertained and interact with content that they enjoy. A good way for a company to promote itself and its solutions without being too sales-y is to create and distribute content that’s going to encourage potential customers to interact with the company, such as giveaways or contests. These types of content tend to drive high engagement which expands the company’s reach, which can eventually generate more sales for the company.

User-generated content

Before a customer decides to make a purchasing decision, many read numerous reviews to make sure that the product, and the brand behind it, are worth their money. A lot of people have started turning to social media platforms to find more authentic reviews and even see the solutions that they want to purchase in action before doing so. Companies can leverage the positive reviews that they have generated on their website, third-party review platforms, or other social media platforms by sharing this user-generated content on their own social media platforms to generate more social proof toward the company and its solutions. 

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Shoppable posts

Finally, a number of platforms have introduced shoppable posts, and in-app purchasing features to their platforms, which are a great way for companies to generate more sales directly through these social media platforms. That means, potential consumers don’t have to leave the app to seek out the company’s website to be able to make a purchase, because they’ll be able to make a purchase directly from the company’s social media posts. One of the best examples of this in action is from Instagram, where companies get to tag the products or services they provide in their posts and stories. Then, when a potential customer sees a product that they would like, they can immediately make a purchase from that post, which helps companies generate more sales.

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