April 21, 2024

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Developing a “create where you’re going” mindset

create where you’re going

Striving. When it all boils down to it, that’s one word most of us can relate to. We are striving every day to do more, to be more, to reach a goal we have in mind, and to achieve what we want for our future.

But, for many, that future is either a vague idea that has yet to take shape, or a picture filled with things. Both of these visions lack what it takes to motivate you to actually achieve success.

Having only vague ideas about what you want will cause you to be vague about the steps you need to take to get there. That’s not to say you should set only one final goal – because that can change – but, instead, you should have specific definitions of what success means to you as a person, and as a business professional.

As for the things. Sure, things are amazing to have. But, to be honest, the stuff you want now probably won’t be the stuff you want ten, or twenty years down the road. In fact, they may have something much better, or you may decide you would be much better with less. Things are fine. I’m certainly not advocating a Spartan lifestyle here, but the point is, those things should not be your focus. What are YOU becoming? What are you building? Those are things that can last.

So, how do you do that? Well, the small steps will be as unique to you as your own name. You can’t just copy what Ronn Torossian has done, and hope to find success. You need to take your own baby steps. But here are 3 simple things that worked for me. Steps I know will work for you as well.

#1 – Being honest with yourself

Do not allow yourself to lie to yourself. It’s far too easy. In fact, be sure to have at least one, or two truth tellers in your life that can call you on it when you try to feed yourself – or anyone else – a line of bull.

#2 – Setting measurable goals

Look, 20 years will go by in a flash, but to be where you want to be when that time goes by, you will need to achieve innumerable small, and measurable goals along the way. Don’t just let the years go by striving. ACHIEVE things, and celebrate these successes.

#3 – Focusing on what is profitable

Forget distractions, and forget what’s popular. Do what’s most profitable for you, personally, and in business. You need to sacrifice all the unimportant things to invest in what is truly valuable: your family, your health, your business. And, the things that make you “you.” Everything else in ancillary. I’m not saying not to have those things, only to be sure to reset, and revisit your priorities on a regular basis.

Remember, the best way to determine what is truly important to you – and what you are becoming – is to look at what you are doing, not what you wish you were doing.