July 24, 2024

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Creating Engaging Visual Content

Companies can take their visual content that’s shared on Instagram a step further by choosing the right types of posts and engaging with the audience in a more meaningful way.


Instagram is a great platform for companies to share bite sized information that’s easy to process. To create this type of content companies first need to think about the message that they want to share with the target audience.

Then, that message needs to be broken down into shorter snippets that will fit inside a single video frame or an image.

This type of information can easily be shared through carousel posts on Instagram because they’re able to hook the audience in with an introductory photo, and then keep them swiping with up to nine other videos or images.

Additionally, the algorithm that Instagram uses can place as many as two separate posts from a carousel in a user’s newsfeed, which increases a company’s chances to generate impressions and engagement with the target audience.


Companies that want to give the target audience more information about their products or services can do a product demo or even a 360 degree showcase of a product to let the consumers see it in action.

This can be done using a live stream on Instagram, where the business can connect with its followers in real time while walking them through all of the different features or functions of a specific product.

During a live stream, the business should give the viewers all the information that they might need to make a purchasing decision.

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Additionally, for businesses that use the Instagram Shops feature, they can also choose specific products that will be shown throughout the live stream so that any of the viewers can simply tap on the product and purchase it while minimizing the friction during the buying process.

Companies can create tutorials or how-to content for the target audience to give the customers information on how a product works, and convince them to make a purchase.

This type of content can also help current customers get a lot more value from the product they’ve purchased, which can also motivate them to make another purchase in the future.

Additionally, this type of content works well with every type of post a user can share on Instagram, such as a single image post, a video, a multi-part story, carousels, and Reels.

Behind the Scenes

Aside from constantly showcasing products or services, companies can also show the people behind the business and the processes that they do on a daily basis.

Many customers tend to appreciate getting a chance to see the process of how a business operates and better understand how their favorite products come together before they buy them.

Additionally, taking the customers behind the scenes on a journey is a great way for companies to create more trusting and deeper relationships with them.

For instance, companies can show the audience what a typical day looks like for a specific employee, or explain a more specific process during product development.

If a company wants to be even more insightful with this type of content, it can host a live stream where the business can also answer questions and chat with the viewers.

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