June 14, 2024

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Agriculture Public Relations Strategy

Some urban farming companies are changing the concept of agriculture. They are also changing the way fresh produce gets to customers.

Over the past decade, urban, vertical farms have attracted billions in startup capital. Vertical farming is the practice of growing food on vertically inclined surfaces.

Farming Company Startups

Compared to traditional farms, vertical farms grow crops faster while using no water and less pesticides. For customers, these farms produce healthier products that get to them faster.

There are about 50 companies in the vertical-farming category scattered across states from New York to California.

Some of them have gone public and the opportunity for such companies keep on growing with advancements in technology. Given below are startups that are paving the way to revolutionize the agriculture industry.

Bowery Farming

Bowery farming is a New York-based indoor vertical farming startup. It develops ways of experimentation in a controlled growing environment.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture supply chains remove 45% of the nutritional value of produce before it reaches the consumer. Technology made it possible for urban farms to grow and develop. Bowery uses data -tracking systems around seeding and harvesting.

Farming here takes place in perfect conditions.  In nature, plants have to put up with heat, cold, disease, and drought. In high-tech vertical farms crop cycles speed up.

Fifth Season

Fifth Season is a consumer tech company which is reimagining the food system with the help of robotics and grows sustainable produce throughout the year.

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Fifth Season uses a system-controlled approach to farming. The systems – control approach is called the Brain. The Brain knows and controls everything from seed to store. The Brain can even create a breeze to cool down hot spots and command an army of robots to fetch and move trays.

The entire growing operation is run by twenty people. Three acres of land produce the equivalent of a 200-acre flat farm. Their product lines consist of salad greens and salad kits.

Vertical Harvest

Vertical Harvest energizes local food systems by using hydroponic technology from Holland to produce a variety of herbs, tomatoes, berries, and greens.

Vertical harvest has customizable installations which will suit the needs of individual communities. The company is building farms in Philadelphia and Maine.

They will not only grow different food in different places but will also provide different kinds of work. The company also aims to employ people with developmental disabilities.


Provivi develops biopesticides for commercial, household, agriculture, and public health, pest management.

The company is developing pheromone products to protect crops like rice, soybeans, and corn. Pheromones are highly selective attractants for insects which destroy harmful insects while preserving beneficial ones.

Their pest-management system is sustainable and affordable and can be used as an alternative by farmers in places where pests have become resistant to conventional pesticides.

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