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Lessons From Microsoft’s Attempts to Reverse “Toxic” Culture

Global tech companies are taking a PR beating lately. Whether it’s thousands of Google employees walking out to protest what they see as a culture that takes it too easy on sexual harassment, Facebook desperately trying to save face after a massive privacy breach, or Amazon, Uber, and Twitter dealing with ongoing negative headlines, the tech industry is doing its ... Read More »

FIFA’s new female strategy

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It’s a well known fact that women have been sidelined in the sporting world. However, what appears to be an attempt to rebrand itself as a supporter of the ‘woman’s cause’, FIFA announced its first ever global strategy for women’s football, in what it describes as a attempt to “realise the full potential that exists within the women’s game”. The ... Read More »

Samsonite Stock Plummets as Short-Sellers Attack

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Samsonite International shares fell drastically at the end of May this year after a short seller report from Blue Orca Capital suggested that the world’s biggest luggage manufacturer has poor corporate governance and substandard accounting practices. According to Blue Orca, the Samsonite company is currently concealing slowing growth through carefully-structured acquisitions and massaged accounting strategies intended to show inflated profit ... Read More »

A Look at How Rolls-Royce Defended Thousands of Job Cuts

When sales are not what they once were or what they are expected to be, companies generally face the tough choice to lay off workers. But, no matter how necessary those decisions may be, they don’t happen in a vacuum. Every time a major company is forced or chooses massive layoffs or pay cuts, it makes the news and triggers ... Read More »

CBS VP is out after Vegas shooting comments


Sometimes, all it takes is shooting your mouth off at the wrong time to permanently wreck your career. These days, though, it doesn’t even take that. You can harpoon an otherwise promising career path with a single social media post. It happens all the time, week after week after week. And yet, people who should know better, continue to make ... Read More »