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Understanding Your Target in a PR Crisis

When you’re faced with a PR crisis, there are three immediate questions that need to be answered: “What, specifically, is causing the crisis?” “How are we involved?” and, “How, should we respond?” Those ideas may seem simple and obvious, but, if that were the case, we would not see brands taking a bad situation and making it worse by waiting ... Read More »

Florida Official Facing Tough Questions After Misuse Investigation Revealed


Hurricane Michael carved a path of horror and destruction from Florida’s “Emerald Coast” and Big Bend regions north through several Deep South states. The path of destruction has rescue, utility, and cleanup efforts going around the clock to help people put their lives back in order. But, even as thousands along Florida’s coast are still picking up the pieces, at ... Read More »

Snickers: You’re not frugal when you’re hungry

Few things grab consumers’ attention like humour, and Snickers seems to have nailed it again. Riding on the back of its wildly successful “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign launched in 2010, Snickers and ad agency BDDO New York have launched a new banner ad: “Get one for the price of two!” If you’re not sure why that’s funny, ... Read More »

FIFA’s new female strategy

fifa marketing

It’s a well known fact that women have been sidelined in the sporting world. However, what appears to be an attempt to rebrand itself as a supporter of the ‘woman’s cause’, FIFA announced its first ever global strategy for women’s football, in what it describes as a attempt to “realise the full potential that exists within the women’s game”. The ... Read More »

How Influencers Can Deliver Results for Your Marketing Campaign

Today, most people spend a minimum of around 2 hours on social media every day. In fact, there are some demographics that spend practically all of their waking hours checking their Instagram feeds or scrolling through Facebook. With information like that appearing on the top of industry headlines, it’s no surprise that influencer marketing has become such a popular way ... Read More »

Tesla Crash Raises Even More Questions for Automaker

Another Tesla vehicle has been involved in a fatal crash, and, this time, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the incident, in which two teenagers lost their lives. At this point, the only statement the NHTSA Board offered the media is that it was “investigating” the accident, “gathering information on the tragic crash in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ... Read More »

What’s really wrong with Sears?

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Sears is one of the most iconic brands in American history. The retailer used to be synonymous with catalog ordering and, later, retail malls. Starting in 1888 with the first catalog, generations of Americans grew up wearing Sears clothes, furnishing their homes with Sears furniture and appliances, and swinging tools with the Craftsman label. Over the decades, Sears transformed the ... Read More »

Fintech Public Relations & Fintech Marketing

Fintech Public Relations & Fintech Marketing

  Knowledge is power – that’s not a new concept, but it is a true one. So whatever you can do to learn more about financial technology apps and thinking, the better the marketing campaigns you prepare are likely to be. There are events, conferences, and training sessions that are held about Fintech, so attending those will give you a ... Read More »

Digital Public Relations vs. Traditional Public Relations 

It is important for any organization to have the very best public relations. The positive relationships companies, brands, and individuals build with the public can lead to much higher sales and growth in the long run. In our modern digital age, many organizations have chosen the route of digital PR as their main marketing strategy. However, It is important to ... Read More »

House Facing Serious PR Pushback on Health Care Bill

House Facing Serious PR Pushback on Health Care Bill

These days, politicians never stop campaigning. They can’t, really. With round the clock news coverage noting every single vote, idea or soundbite, elected officials must always be cognizant of public opinion at all times. Likely the last time they looked away even for a second was leading up to the 2010 election when a number of incumbents were beaten by ... Read More »

$4 Smart Phone Promiser Arrested

$4 Smart Phone Promiser Arrested

Was it really too good to be true, or is there some other reason the man behind the “four-dollar smartphone” might be headed to prison? That’s the main question courts will have to answer now that authorities have arrested Mohit Goel, the director of Indian phone manufacturer Ringing Bells. Read More »

The PR Power of YouTube

The PR Power of YouTube

For those YouTubers who’ve figured out their approach to success on that platform, they create content in touch with their groups, often more than one “genre.” It could be toys, video gaming, health and fitness, or pop culture. Some of them have established very large followings, which gives them some PR power and pull. Read More »

Public Relations Tips to Target Shoppers

Shopper PR - Marketing Tips for Targeting Shoppers

Having an effective marketing plan is key to making a brand into a success. Many go about this the hard way, paying out big bucks and dedicating thousands of working hours to each project. There are simpler methods, though, that do not drain your pocketbook. Going through small business forums, one can see the struggle that new businesses suffer. Marketers ... Read More »

Why Writing Is Important for PR Professionals

Writing Public Relations

Many college PR and communications degrees have started to de-emphasize upper-level writing skills in favor of ethics and strategic thinking. Those are good areas to add to the courses, but passing on the writing courses regarding a profession that is still very oriented to the written word is a mistake. Here are some of the reasons a PR professional still ... Read More »

NFL breaks ground with Twitter live stream

The NFL sees the writing on the wall. People are watching less TV. MUCH less TV, and they are spending a lot of time – even when the TV is on – logged on to social media. So, how can the NFL maintain its fan base while also reaching out to fans and potential fans who would rather watch video ... Read More »

Trends in Social Media

When social media first began, with its projected marketing potential, critics claimed it wasn’t viable. Now social media platforms have many useful advertising options while still boasting ways to offer information for free. Every year new platforms emerge. According to Forbes magazine, the following social media technologies are predicted to dominate the industry in 2016. Read More »

The Whopperito: yes it’s real

The Whopperito: yes it’s real

Some have said Burger King will try anything to attempt to stay relevant in the fast food wars. Those folks may be right. The latest gambit? The Whopperito. While Tex-Mex joint Chipotle announced it would be debuting a burger-specific brand, BK decided to just combine the two concepts into a single entry. Read More »

Public Relations Tips for Small Retail Businesses

Retail is one of the most competitive industries in the business world because it specializes in the reason businesses exist: to buy and sell. Some of the biggest names in the industry include Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot. However, there are also smaller companies in retail using public relations approaches to grow their business. Here’s how they do it. Read More »