Verizon Responds to Job Cuts

Public Relations Campaigns Should Use Social Listening

Verizon is not publicly admitting defeat, but the company is shifting its focus, at least that was the message offered in explanation of the company’s reported decision to cut about 800 jobs in its media and advertising segment. Dominant in the wireless industry, Verizon wanted to diversify into digital advertising and hoped to do so on a level that could ... Read More »

What digital content marketing will look like in 2019

Using Content Marketing to

Content marketing has become one of the fastest growing and most used marketing strategies. More brands are adopting content marketing as a way to increase brand exposure and get more customers. As more people enter the realm of content marketing, the landscape is quickly evolving and becoming more competitive. Here are a few predictions of what content marketing will look ... Read More »

How to engage people when writing about machines

Writing about consumer technology can be a challenging task for PR professionals. There are technical aspects that need to be covered which might not always be easily comprehensible to the general public. The major selling points of your products are typically something along the lines of speed, size, image resolution or some other tech-heavy term that could seem a bit ... Read More »

Patagonia Makes Multi-Million-Dollar Statement


Patagonia has made political action a part of its brand presence in the marketplace for some time, but a recent announcement by the company may be the most extreme example to date. Patagonia recently said it would take the $10 million it saved thanks to recent tax cuts and invest those funds in environmental causes. In a communication that has ... Read More »

USA Gymnastics Still Reeling

usa gymnastics pr

The devastation left in the wake of the massive Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal is still sending tremors through USA Gymnastics. Since the initial reports of the Nassar scandal shocked the nation, USA Gymnastics has tried a series of public steps to win back public trust. To date, though, every step has been met with rippling outrage, as more details ... Read More »

Ford Touts Pride in “Building Things” in New Campaign

ford pr

Ford Motor Company is in an interesting place. The auto industry as a whole faces major shifts in the coming years, and every brand has to figure out a way to manage these changes while staying competitive. For Ford, that means revamping the company’s entire model line with either new upgrades or entirely new brands. In fact, Ford is expected ... Read More »

Can AT&T Disrupt the Status Quo in Online Advertising?

at & t marketing

For many years now, Google and Facebook have held a vice-grip on the online advertising business. Companies that wanted exposure online, went there first and second, with everything else a distant third (YouTube is owned by Google). Now, though, there’s a new player with the deep pockets and digital reach to play spoiler and, potentially, shift the market… if they ... Read More »

Two Entertainment Brands That Engineered Impressive Turnarounds

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In any entertainment segment, trends can change. When they do, brands that are committed to a certain product or style can be left behind. If consumers no longer want what you have to offer, trying to give them more of the same and insisting it’s “great,” won’t get you very far. You have to step back, assess the market and ... Read More »

Tips for Better Experiential Marketing In 2018

experiential marketing

Want a digital marketing campaign with a difference? The solution could be experiential marketing campaigns. Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that focuses on generating unique experiences for customers – the type that people flood their Instagram feed with and talk to their friends and family about. Experiential campaigns offer brands an authentic way to interact with their customers ... Read More »

Media Training Tips

Media Training Tips

There are dozens of great media training tips, but knowing the ones that can really make the most impact will get you ahead of that game. Let’s look at some of those, because being at the top of the ladder is always a good thing. Keep Calm There are going to be some jokers in most crowds who want to ... Read More »

Social Media Continues to Change The Business of Journalism

Social media continues to change the business of journalism

At the dawn of social media, most reporters saw the technology as a tremendous tool to connect with news and sources. Now, though, social media has come to be a competition for traditional media. With this shift comes inevitable suspicion. Reporters just don’t view social media as the benign but useful tool they once did. Now that tool threatens their ... Read More »

10 Top Beauty Influencers in 2017

Michelle Phan Influencer

Forbes.com recently posted their list of top 10 beauty influencers. We agree with every one of their choices, but also offer you additional information on these 10 and at the end offer a list of another 15 beauty influencers of interest… Zoe Sugg is 27, lives in the UK, and posts under the name zoella. She has developed her own beauty products that ... Read More »

Marketing to Moms with Tots

Marketing to Moms with Tots

Marketing to parents is a wide-open field, but you’ve got to have something that will both catch the eye of the parents as well as the tots. Make it something that will look good in pictures as well as in words and you could have a big seller. But one thing is certain: if you create products for children that ... Read More »

Hospitality PR — How PR Helps Increase Star Ratings

Officially stars or diamonds for hotels and restaurant ratings come from only a handful of agencies. The star system was first implemented by the Forbes Travel Guide (originally the Mobil Travel Guide) in 1958. AAA uses a different system of diamonds. The higher your star/diamond, the better these publications consider your establishment. Businesses are evaluated based on service, product, and ... Read More »

Social Media Marketing And Doing It Better

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Effective PR on social media is a moving target. As consumers spend more time on the internet, PR needs to develop new strategies and use subtler approaches. Here are some of the things that need to change for most who do social media PR and advertising to improve their approach and results. Number of Followers No matter what platform is ... Read More »

What Happens When you Break your Client’s Trust

Client Trust is Key Trust – or consumer confidence – is one of the most expensive commodities any business or brand can invest in. It takes a lot to win that trust, but it’s much more expensive to buy back once that trust has been broken. Just ask Chipotle, Volkswagen or GM … or WhatsApp. The messaging app was hugely ... Read More »

Christopher Burch: Entrepreneur Of The Month

If you go looking for descriptive words that work when talking about Chris Burch, there are many – billionaire, fashion guru, real estate investor, entrepreneur, father of six, or maybe even lucky. It would be easy to see all those things in the man and begin to believe that he was simply born under a lucky star. That’s until you ... Read More »

Social Media PR: Martha Stewart On Facebook Live

martha stewart public relations

Facebook has added live streaming as an option making it easier and cheaper to produce content – whether it is for branding and commercial purposes, sharing a big announcement with friends and family, or something yet to be discovered. Facebook Live is one more way FB offers for them to remain relevant and current. Martha Steward Facebook Queen? Martha Stewart ... Read More »