October 26, 2021

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Marketing to Children Going 3D

Marketing to Children Going 3D 1

Pokémon Go is having an impact in unexpected ways – apparently getting 3D images to sell your product is a step forward and Pokémon Go has proved exactly that. Well, when it comes to PR and marketing, a product that hits the way PG has, means there’s bound to be other companies working to find ways of using the same ideas and technology for marketing and publicizing their brand.

Lego and eBay 

Lego has done just that. It’s not quite at the stage of introducing an app, but using the same augmented reality (AR) concepts, Lego created kiosks enabling children to scan a box of Legos to see a 3D image of the item(s) you can build with that set. Children and parents can look at what can be accomplished from all angles and decide if that’s what they want this time, or maybe another … oh well, maybe both. Marketing genius.

eBay Australia also is using AR as part of their sales process. They created “Sight Search” with the help of Myer, which allows viewers to look at, rotate the view, and zoom in on the top 100 products on their site. Obviously, it’s still in early stages, but there may come a day in the not too distant future that most online retailers will use this approach to allow customers to take a closer look at what they think would be the product of their dreams.

AR allows marketers to show everyday objects, places, and images into the chance to engage with customers in a new and more effective way. It provides their customers the opportunity to take virtual content and merge it with the physical world to see how the two play together. It tightens emotional branding, and do that with children means a more intense experience for them, possibly creating customers to last a lifetime. And that works with adults as well.

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The Future is near 

This tech should also translate to fewer returns, saving money for the companies and probably customers on at least shipping costs, but for companies, reselling products that have been sold already and returned, that means sending it to resellers at a deeply discounted price. If they end up doing less of that, it increases profit margins.

Pokémon Go may seem like it’s all about children, but the way it took off with those even in their 30s shows 3D is a great marketing tool for all ages. If it’s mastered for a product, your storefront window can go virtual and be seen on any flat screen – smartphones can become even more your marketing tool than they already are.