October 26, 2021

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6 Ways Companies Are Now Using SnapChat for Public Relations

6 Ways Companies Are Now Using SnapChat for Public Relations 1

Technology is headed in new directions these days, and accelerating at a rapid pace. Keeping up with the times can be hard work. But staying up to date is necessary in today’s world. Social media platforms are keeping up with all the new trends, and so are companies.

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Social Media in the New Business Age

Many companies today are using social media in multiple ways to advance their social presence into the new age. One of these social platforms is SnapChat. SnapChat has excelled in the public relations field in ways you would never imagine that a social media company could. Here are six ways companies are using SnapChat to reach the public.

  1. Offers and Promotions: Any offers of promotions your company may be using at the present time can be promoted to millions of people, especially if you are targeting the younger generation. SnapChat has a variety of users of all age groups. Simply snap a picture and edit it with the SnapChat editor simply and easily.
  2. Teasers: Companies use SnapChat to send teasers to promote a product to a targeted audience. People are attracted naturally to things they have not seen yet. Finding new ways to grab the public’s attention is the key to a successful business these days. As long as the company has a vision, this task is simplified when using SnapChat.
  3. Storytelling: Companies have also found that using this rapidly growing social platform is a great way to tell their story. Every company has an interesting story. Now there is an interesting way to tell it to the world. Using images with descriptions, you can create a powerpoint-type storyline that will grab anyone’s attention.
  4. Fast, Immediate and Memorable: SnapChat has become all about “fast and memorable.” Using this platform is instantaneously taking corporate America by storm. With all the speed and agility that you can muster, your promotions will instantly be put in front of millions of Americans with the click of the mouse. Social media is the fastest way for a company to get their point across.
  5. Interactive and Engaging: Engaging the audience on SnapChat gives a company and the public the opportunity to interact with each other in new ways. When a customer is satisfied with a product, they are more than happy to tell the world. Sharing posts and experiences, the use of social media can triple your exposure to new people. The platform is free to use, and where else can a growing company find free interactive advertising?
  6. Filters: SnapChat “filters” or “lenses” are stickers, frames, images and movement-sensitive animations that can be added to any image in layers. The base layer would be the image itself. The SnapChat editor has many stickers that can be added to the image, as well as a variety of fonts. With this feature, you can add flashy stickers and text to the image to make it stand out.
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With all the free advertising out there, using SnapChat is the only way to make sure you are seen. With indicators that display the users who see the image, you can be assured that they will share what interests them. Trying SnapChat to promote your business is the way the world is going, and all it needs is for us to catch up.