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WWE Knows How to Spice it up Without Going Over the Top Rope

WWE Knows How to Spice it up Without Going Over the Top Rope

One of the constants in the multi-billion dollar enterprise that is professional wrestling is the concept of the good guy – babyface – versus the bad guy – the heel. The writers go to all lengths to create a profile for the worst of the worst. The scary-tough bad guys the fans love to hate.

In some cases, these “superstars” come into the ring with enough baggage to build a reputation around. Other times, it takes a little bit of creative license. And a few well placed rumors.

In any entertainment industry, there will be outlets starving for any scrap of news they can publish. Hard facts? Terrific. But speculation can often be perfectly fine too. After all, speculation, as long as it is NOT reported as fact (or implied so) can get – and more importantly – KEEP people talking.

And that, says Ronn Torossian, is what all businesses can learn from the business of the squared circle.

Keeping people talking is vital to the growth of a brand. If you don’t have people talking about you, then you won’t get new people learning about you. The WWE does this by leveraging it’s fans to create a network of fan-driven content and social media sites. Often fed, or encouraged, by employees for the organization, these fan-based sites do not operate under the WWE banner but they do provide content that keeps people talking about the company and it’s brands.

This technique should be part of your larger business plan. The goal is to create an environment where your happy customers can easily and quickly share positive experiences, or ask leading questions. Torossian suggests if you are short on budget, social media is a great place to start.

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