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Protecting Your Brand from the PR Crisis Domino Effect

domino effect

After the recent Ethiopian Airlines disaster, it was all hands on deck for Boeing and for all airlines flying the 737 Max 8. But there was one brand for whom this disaster hit way too close to home. A brand that, when this news was reported, had to wonder if the proverbial other boot would land on them: Lion Air. ... Read More »

Five tips to improve engagement on Facebook

Facebook Announces Fake News Tool

Facebook remains one of the best platforms for businesses to reach customers, drive website traffic, and increase sales. With over 2 billion monthly active users, improving engagement with Facebook has the potential to provide positive outcomes for your business. Engagement means different things to different businesses. When it comes to Facebook, engagement mostly pertains to getting comments, likes, shares on ... Read More »

5 Tips to Improve Your PR Today


Even if your grasp of PR is solid and your communication is effective, it can always be better. If you don’t think so, look over your shoulder, because someone who is dedicated to being better is about to pass you by. If you’re ready to improve, here are some specific steps you can take to improve your public relations today. ... Read More »

How to engage people when writing about machines

Writing about consumer technology can be a challenging task for PR professionals. There are technical aspects that need to be covered which might not always be easily comprehensible to the general public. The major selling points of your products are typically something along the lines of speed, size, image resolution or some other tech-heavy term that could seem a bit ... Read More »

Patagonia Makes Multi-Million-Dollar Statement


Patagonia has made political action a part of its brand presence in the marketplace for some time, but a recent announcement by the company may be the most extreme example to date. Patagonia recently said it would take the $10 million it saved thanks to recent tax cuts and invest those funds in environmental causes. In a communication that has ... Read More »

Understanding Your Target in a PR Crisis

When you’re faced with a PR crisis, there are three immediate questions that need to be answered: “What, specifically, is causing the crisis?” “How are we involved?” and, “How, should we respond?” Those ideas may seem simple and obvious, but, if that were the case, we would not see brands taking a bad situation and making it worse by waiting ... Read More »

Florida Official Facing Tough Questions After Misuse Investigation Revealed


Hurricane Michael carved a path of horror and destruction from Florida’s “Emerald Coast” and Big Bend regions north through several Deep South states. The path of destruction has rescue, utility, and cleanup efforts going around the clock to help people put their lives back in order. But, even as thousands along Florida’s coast are still picking up the pieces, at ... Read More »

Ford Touts Pride in “Building Things” in New Campaign

ford pr

Ford Motor Company is in an interesting place. The auto industry as a whole faces major shifts in the coming years, and every brand has to figure out a way to manage these changes while staying competitive. For Ford, that means revamping the company’s entire model line with either new upgrades or entirely new brands. In fact, Ford is expected ... Read More »

Can AT&T Disrupt the Status Quo in Online Advertising?

at & t marketing

For many years now, Google and Facebook have held a vice-grip on the online advertising business. Companies that wanted exposure online, went there first and second, with everything else a distant third (YouTube is owned by Google). Now, though, there’s a new player with the deep pockets and digital reach to play spoiler and, potentially, shift the market… if they ... Read More »

Samsonite Stock Plummets as Short-Sellers Attack

public relations

Samsonite International shares fell drastically at the end of May this year after a short seller report from Blue Orca Capital suggested that the world’s biggest luggage manufacturer has poor corporate governance and substandard accounting practices. According to Blue Orca, the Samsonite company is currently concealing slowing growth through carefully-structured acquisitions and massaged accounting strategies intended to show inflated profit ... Read More »

How Influencers Can Deliver Results for Your Marketing Campaign

Today, most people spend a minimum of around 2 hours on social media every day. In fact, there are some demographics that spend practically all of their waking hours checking their Instagram feeds or scrolling through Facebook. With information like that appearing on the top of industry headlines, it’s no surprise that influencer marketing has become such a popular way ... Read More »

A Look at How Rolls-Royce Defended Thousands of Job Cuts

When sales are not what they once were or what they are expected to be, companies generally face the tough choice to lay off workers. But, no matter how necessary those decisions may be, they don’t happen in a vacuum. Every time a major company is forced or chooses massive layoffs or pay cuts, it makes the news and triggers ... Read More »

Starbucks Shuts Down for Training Day

starbucks spotify public relations campaign

On the afternoon of May 29, people in need of a caffeine pick-me-up had to go somewhere other than Starbucks. More than 175,000 Starbucks employees were otherwise engaged, taking ‘mandatory racial bias education’ training in response to a major PR crisis that triggered talks of boycotts and picketing at coffee shop locations across the United States. You know the story… ... Read More »

Tips for Better Experiential Marketing In 2018

experiential marketing

Want a digital marketing campaign with a difference? The solution could be experiential marketing campaigns. Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that focuses on generating unique experiences for customers – the type that people flood their Instagram feed with and talk to their friends and family about. Experiential campaigns offer brands an authentic way to interact with their customers ... Read More »

Fintech Public Relations & Fintech Marketing

Fintech Public Relations & Fintech Marketing

  Knowledge is power – that’s not a new concept, but it is a true one. So whatever you can do to learn more about financial technology apps and thinking, the better the marketing campaigns you prepare are likely to be. There are events, conferences, and training sessions that are held about Fintech, so attending those will give you a ... Read More »

Bundle Battle May Write the New Future for Media

Bundle battle may write the new future for media

The secret to cable TVs success was not “all the channels.” It was the fact that cable providers could package and sell “all the channels” together as one product. Sure, customers could add-on “premium” channels like HBO or Showtime, but you were still getting stuck with a bunch of channels you probably didn’t want and wouldn’t watch, just to get ... Read More »

Volvo Self-Driver Focused on Trash

Volvo Self-Driver Focused on Trash

In the race for supremacy in the increasingly crowded self-driving car marketplace, some companies are betting on mass production and general consumer models. Others are chasing specialized applications, but few of them have taken the practical approach of Volvo. That company’s newest self-driver: a garbage truck. Read More »

Spurs Peaking at the Right Time

Spurs Peaking at the Right Time

Can the Spurs do it again? As of this writing, the San Antonio Spurs are set to square off against the Golden State Warriors in Game One of the Western Conference Finals. Nearly everyone is picking the Warriors to take this series. Most are saying they will do it in five games, and a few believe it will take them ... Read More »