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Protecting Your Brand from the PR Crisis Domino Effect

domino effect

After the recent Ethiopian Airlines disaster, it was all hands on deck for Boeing and for all airlines flying the 737 Max 8. But there was one brand for whom this disaster hit way too close to home. A brand that, when this news was reported, had to wonder if the proverbial other boot would land on them: Lion Air. ... Read More »

Starbucks Shuts Down for Training Day

starbucks spotify public relations campaign

On the afternoon of May 29, people in need of a caffeine pick-me-up had to go somewhere other than Starbucks. More than 175,000 Starbucks employees were otherwise engaged, taking ‘mandatory racial bias education’ training in response to a major PR crisis that triggered talks of boycotts and picketing at coffee shop locations across the United States. You know the story… ... Read More »

Tips for Better Experiential Marketing In 2018

experiential marketing

Want a digital marketing campaign with a difference? The solution could be experiential marketing campaigns. Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that focuses on generating unique experiences for customers – the type that people flood their Instagram feed with and talk to their friends and family about. Experiential campaigns offer brands an authentic way to interact with their customers ... Read More »

Media Training Tips

Media Training Tips

There are dozens of great media training tips, but knowing the ones that can really make the most impact will get you ahead of that game. Let’s look at some of those, because being at the top of the ladder is always a good thing. Keep Calm There are going to be some jokers in most crowds who want to ... Read More »

Social Media Continues to Change The Business of Journalism

Social media continues to change the business of journalism

At the dawn of social media, most reporters saw the technology as a tremendous tool to connect with news and sources. Now, though, social media has come to be a competition for traditional media. With this shift comes inevitable suspicion. Reporters just don’t view social media as the benign but useful tool they once did. Now that tool threatens their ... Read More »

10 Top Beauty Influencers in 2017

Michelle Phan Influencer

Forbes.com recently posted their list of top 10 beauty influencers. We agree with every one of their choices, but also offer you additional information on these 10 and at the end offer a list of another 15 beauty influencers of interest… Zoe Sugg is 27, lives in the UK, and posts under the name zoella. She has developed her own beauty products that ... Read More »

How to Use Social Media to Improve Brand Awareness

How to Use Social Media to Improve Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most powerful tools in the modern world for many reasons, and it can provide a platform for streamlined communication that many other systems simply can’t match. Many businesses have started to see the value in advertising through social media, but there are subtle nuances to the process that can make or break a campaign ... Read More »

Facebook Announces Fake News Tool

Facebook Announces Fake News Tool

Most people agree fake news is a problem on social media. When folks pass around headlines without ever checking the sources, bad – and ridiculously inaccurate – news travels at top speed around the world. Now Facebook is taking action by launching a resource meant to help users identify fake news. Read More »

United Leggings Incident Creates Firestorm

United leggings incident creates firestorm

If the world needed another lesson in why not to freak out over something they saw on Twitter, we got one last week. After a bystander waiting to board a flight saw some people not being allowed on a United Airlines flight due to their clothing, she tweeted up a firestorm. Read More »

Twitter Takes a Hard Line on “Terrorist” Tweets

Twitter Takes a Hard Line on “Terrorist” Tweets

While some social media platforms are taking a more passive approach to combating terrorism online, Twitter has taken a very proactive approach, and the site doesn’t seem worried about who they might offend. In the past six months, Twitter has suspended nearly 380,000 accounts for promoting terrorism … and they say they’re far from finished. Read More »

Hospitality PR — How PR Helps Increase Star Ratings

Officially stars or diamonds for hotels and restaurant ratings come from only a handful of agencies. The star system was first implemented by the Forbes Travel Guide (originally the Mobil Travel Guide) in 1958. AAA uses a different system of diamonds. The higher your star/diamond, the better these publications consider your establishment. Businesses are evaluated based on service, product, and ... Read More »

Social Media Marketing And Doing It Better

social media 5wpr

Effective PR on social media is a moving target. As consumers spend more time on the internet, PR needs to develop new strategies and use subtler approaches. Here are some of the things that need to change for most who do social media PR and advertising to improve their approach and results. Number of Followers No matter what platform is ... Read More »

NFL breaks ground with Twitter live stream

The NFL sees the writing on the wall. People are watching less TV. MUCH less TV, and they are spending a lot of time – even when the TV is on – logged on to social media. So, how can the NFL maintain its fan base while also reaching out to fans and potential fans who would rather watch video ... Read More »

What Happens When you Break your Client’s Trust

Client Trust is Key Trust – or consumer confidence – is one of the most expensive commodities any business or brand can invest in. It takes a lot to win that trust, but it’s much more expensive to buy back once that trust has been broken. Just ask Chipotle, Volkswagen or GM … or WhatsApp. The messaging app was hugely ... Read More »

Marketing to Children Going 3D

Pokémon Go is having an impact in unexpected ways – apparently getting 3D images to sell your product is a step forward and Pokémon Go has proved exactly that. Well, when it comes to PR and marketing, a product that hits the way PG has, means there’s bound to be other companies working to find ways of using the same ... Read More »

Best Times to Post on Instagram

instagram time to post

As with any aspect of business, when you conduct certain activities often determines the success of it. For instance, most businesses know the best time to open a business is around 8 a.m. or 9 a.m., and that the best time to serve lunch is at noon. So when it comes to social media, which is also an important part ... Read More »

Using Short Videos for Brand Marketing

pr for e-commerce

Without ever getting into YouTube, you can do short videos on several social media sites. On Vine, they last six seconds, Instagram they are 15 seconds, and on Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook the videos can be as long as 2-3 minutes. Once videos are created, they can also be pinned on Pinterest. You don’t need expensive camera equipment, though it ... Read More »

Social Media PR: Martha Stewart On Facebook Live

martha stewart public relations

Facebook has added live streaming as an option making it easier and cheaper to produce content – whether it is for branding and commercial purposes, sharing a big announcement with friends and family, or something yet to be discovered. Facebook Live is one more way FB offers for them to remain relevant and current. Martha Steward Facebook Queen? Martha Stewart ... Read More »

The Downside of Social Media

Social Media Negative

Social media has changed the way people chat and do business one platform at a time. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, virtually any business anywhere runs a social media account to boost its image and connect with consumers. While this remains an important part of reaching the public, consumers no longer use social media to watch companies do good. ... Read More »