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PR Agency Wins with Gordon in the Driver’s Seat

PR Agency Wins with Gordon in the Driver’s Seat

Fresh off its throwback success, PR agency wins with Gordon in the driver’s seat. The corporate PR firm and marketing gurus responsible for the landmark success of Pepsi’s Throwback line have another hit on their hands. A fun new commercial featuring NASCAR superstar, Jeff Gordon, became a viral internet sensation. The ad features a disguised Gordon taking a test drive in a used Camaro. Initially the car salesman is cool and confident, assuring Gordon’s character, “Mike,” that he really can handle the car. A few seconds into the test drive Gordon turns the tables.

The laughs begin with Gordon spinning donuts in the car lot before racing out onto the highway. Soon the car salesman is begging “Mike” to slow down, stop, PLEASE STOP! All of this is captured in a “can cam” disguised as a Pepsi Max that Gordon placed in the dashboard cup holder. Ronn Torossian of 5W Public Realtions noted that with this success, Pepsi might put one of its lagging brands in the victory lane. Already viral on YouTube and Facebook, the Washington Post and Huffington Post both reported on the ad.

It is certain that all food and beverage public relation firms in NYC are watching to see if this ad’s popularity lifts Max’s sales. If it does, you can bet that competitor, Coke Zero, will fire back with its own ad. That brand already has a foothold in NASCAR as the title sponsor of a huge mid-season event in Daytona. We might be seeing the makings of a NASCAR battle mixed with the return of the Cola Wars.

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