Beauty is No Longer Skin Deep

You’ve always known that eating healthy and staying active are the keys to feeling great and living longer. Doctors, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals have been stressing the importance of fitness for years. Proper nourishment through diet and vitamin supplements, maintaining a reasonable weight, getting sufficient exercise and drinking plenty of water are necessary elements that promote longevity and overall well being. Not as much attention was given to the benefits that could be seen on the outside. However, new evidence suggests that these healthy habits have external advantages that should be encouraging to consumers. Recently, studies have shown that being beautiful on the outside starts with being healthy on the inside. Women can invest in skin care formulas, cosmetics and plastic surgery to improve their appearances and men can try the latest potions to look younger. But the old adage that “beauty lies within” has more impact now with the proof that achieving a youthful glow can also be a result of taking care of your body. A lucrative beauty PR company like 5WPR must grab hold of information like this and run with it to develop a marketing strategy for our clients. Any new evidence that demonstrates how good habits can lead to an attractive outward appearance is newsworthy, and therefore creates an opportunity to maximize visibility. Our team develops a campaign highlighting those consumer products produced by our clients that prioritize internal well being. Whether it’s a series of vitamin supplements that strengthen hair or lotion that prevents cellulose, the 5WPR strategy forms an alignment between our client’s product and the scientific studies which point out its benefits. Various organizations and committees conduct the studies, sometimes over periods of several years, and issue an account of the results. These reports are gold mines for beauty PR firms that can summarize the findings then use key quotes to encourage consumers to buy.